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  1. The price rises before the GE and the drops after it had very little to do with merchants. There are still plenty of them around anyway. "Made my decision"? I don't understand what you mean. The article explains what is going on, and specifically avoids claiming whether it is good or bad. In fact, I have mainly argued to open up the GE (remove price controls) and let the market go where it will. I called the prices of some potions ridiculous because I believe people are panic dumping them. In some cases they are selling potions for 1/3 of the cost of the components, in huge quantities, just because they fear prices going even lower still. Most of these people will be kicking themselves in a few weeks. I already said that I believe that some of the old prices were inflated due to inefficiencies, but some of the new prices have overcorrected, going far below what I would have expected a reasonable correction to be. That's especially true in some areas of Herblore. Only 3 things to say. 1. Much better article than the previous one. 2. You've been negative against the GE from the get go. This article tames that down severely and offers a much broader dissection of the economy, but having kept up on the GE discussion you still appear to have an ultimate conclusion that the GE is all wrong because it doesn't fit 100% your idea of the perfect market. 3. Lastly, as said above, much more reasonable article but you regularly contradict yourself through your analysis and cherry pick the portions of your argument that suit your conclusion. Every response of yours to my post was basically, 'I already said that, it doesnt' apply here, my conclusion is correct.'
  2. What you call a crash many others call a readjustment. It's similar to the housing market now. Smart merchanters started the price rises, stupid greedy merchanters accelerated it, then a mix of others greedily jumped in. The GE pulled the curtain away from the market and opened it up for all to see and to realize that goods were more abundant than previously thought. I felt this was a more balanced article that looked at a broader range of what's causing the market adjustment but still one sided in your beliefs. It seems you've made your decision and are trying to force the pieces to fit. Yes a good amount of the pieces fit already but you're stretching it on others. EX. Why is it ridiculous that potions are so low in cost? From your own arguments it's supply mainly causing the drop with a dash of panic thrown in. You've stated that the old market hid all these goods and which caused the prices to be what they were before the GE came out. So what's really ridiculous here, the prices before the GE came out or the prices now? The old prices were based on a severe lack of information and a much more inefficient market, but it's the new prices that are ridiculous?
  3. I think alot of the problems could be handled by not allowing items to be bought or sold while offline. The entire game is based on actually playing the game. A few things such as farming and buying certain items have an offline component but that's more out of necessity than a change in game playing style. If they made it so items in the GE would be taken down when you logout, or limited you to only 2 slots that stayed up for sale, I think you'd see the logjams clear out faster and an easier time of moving items.
  4. Oh so he's wrong and your right because... you say so? :-s Fantastic reasoning =D> I applaud you for accusing him of not providing proof, while you provide none yourself. Seriously, the personal attacks are ridiculous and only make you look bad. If you really think you're correct, then prove my points wrong instead of saying "oh well you're just an idiot because I think so" I provided reasoning against your bullying whining attacking posts, he responded with nothing other than the equivalent of "poopyhead." That's why I don't need to provide him with anything. Your only argument is that your construction cape rocks and anything that you can slightly attribute to helping you get that cape is time involved getting that cape. You consistently then told everyone they were wrong when they used the same arguments for other capes. You're not debating you're berating.
  5. Dear Lord, if your going to use logic terminology to sound smart and condescending, at least us it right. And definitely, absolutely, please, never follow an attack on someone's logic with a perceptibly illogical statement of your own creation. It's terrible debating style, to say the least. I guess I should post like you and not provide anything relevant to the topic or provide any evidence to the point your trying to make? You could have saved yourself 2 minutes and just replied with "you're a poopyhead."
  6. yup, probably the problem. I threw in 500 games necklaces, and 400 duel rings at lowest price....nothing .....whips and darkbows flew as soon as I put them in, treasure trail items such as blessed dragonhides, robin etc...*poof* sold.....took out the pots, and jewelry. I have 5k bloods up, they havent moved either, but eventually they will, and it beats surfing the forums to sell. Games Necklaces and dueling rings are a perfect example of oversupply and not a problem with the GE. Look at how many you tried to sell. Now take into account that while they're usefull items they take forever to use up. They require low lvls to make and everyone has just banked them in the past since they're useful but not easy/valuable to sell. I have over 2k of each of those that I could throw into the GE if I want. I wouldn't be surprised if there are a few million of each of those listed for sale right now.
  7. It appears that they're updating prices at least twice a day now. When I got on yesterday the prices had been updated as expected and then later in the night they updated again while I was playing. I started getting notices that my sales had updated and the system was going through updating prices item by item so I got 6 different notices over 15 minutes or so, each time for a price change. I haven't looked at gold bars so I can't comment on them specifically. It appears if items aren't selling they only adjust the price by 5%. this leads to small price changes especially for lower priced items. If something is priced at 500 that should be 200, it'll take quite some time to balance out as opposed to something priced at 500,000 that should be priced at 450,000.
  8. Your circular reasoning is mind numbing. Dude take a chill pill, no one's knocking your construction cape and definitely can be seen as easy. Actually by your silly reasoning given to defend your precious construction cape, Runecrafting is actually the easiest skill to lvl. You didn't really try to lvl it, the xp and money was all done for the sake of your construction lvls so runecrafting was actually your easiest 99.
  9. And that drop is to be expected since how many hundreds if not thousands of people are doing the same thing with their pots that never would have sold them before.
  10. You're so full of yourself and deluded that its frightening. First off, for all your complaining you can still hawk wares at world 1/2 or the forums and sell your stuff instead of having it sit for 12 hours in the GE until the prices correct in the GE. Second, it's not the stock market and you aren't looking to buy shares of INTEL a corporation. Its a massive general store more than a stock market and your looking to buy your milk and cookies, needle and threads. Third, as many have said there is no free market anywhere in the world so to think that Runescape should be any different is ridiculous. Lastly, because its a game and is limited by the flaws of its own creation your one sided economic theory cannot fit all aspects of it. A real consumer society has an ultimate goal of selling finished goods and products with the supply and demand starting at the consumer lvl and working its way back along the supply chain. However, in runescape there's very little demand for most finished goods compared to the demand for raw materials. All you sound like is a disgruntled merchant selling snake skin oil or Simpson & Son's patented revitalizing tonic.
  11. Sounds like a disgruntled merchanter to me. What do you think tariffs, taxes, subsidies, etc. are? Forms of price control that every government uses. The fact that it creates a link between f2p and p2p is probably the best thing about it.
  12. I think the people speculating on the "far east" lands are correct as to what the huge update is going to be. However, I think they'll release a major amount of content for it at once instead of piecemealing it one quest at a time and a city at a time. I'm guessing it's going to add another 25-33% to the map, may have a new skill or two tied in and will dump a good 4 or 5 quests on us at once or in quick succession.
  13. You can get a full load of both teak and mahogonies when wearing boots of lightness. I'm pretty sure you don't even need boots for mahogonies and I'm not sure about teak. With boots of lightness you get 21 oaks. It's still much faster than normal planking and if you don't want to pay for a butler it's well worth it.
  14. With the new balloon travel network if you open up all the routes after the quest you can plank logs in practically no time at all. You can hop on the balloon at Castlewars and for the cost of one willow log transport to Varrock which lets you off right next to the sawmill. Use a ring of dueling back to castlewars and repeat.
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