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  1. I understand that there are people breaking the rules. But, I shouldn't have to pay for what they do. I don't cheat. Heck I don't even PK. I just like skilling and killing monsters. Players who don't break the rules shouldn't be penalized for those who do. There is no excuse for Jagex basically stealing 3 days of service from me. I want the 3 days Jagex stole from me added back to my account. I want the black mark removed off my account. And I want an apology for ruining my weekend.
  2. No, until I was banned I didn't know what macros are. I heard the word, but never needed to know what they are, because they're cheating. That's all I needed to know. I know what flagging is. Really irritates me that people imply I was cheating because I didn't know what macros are. I just played the game. I didn't cheat because I don't cheat and I wanted to keep playing the game.
  3. I got temporarily banned for 3 days for supposedly using a macro. Except I never use them, don't have anything on my computer that I know of that could be considered a macro. Jagex just banned me for 3 days without any warning or inquiry. I think that's unfair and wrong. I should have been given a chance to make changes instead of just banned. I've been playing for 5 years without any warnings or reports that I know of. My good conduct should have earned me a warning, not a ban. Plus it's been 2 days since I posted a message to customer service about this and no response. That's lousy customer service. Jagex needs to do something to be sure they only ban people who deserve it.
  4. I asked a mod friend ingame (using my noob character) what a macro is to be sure what they are. So no I don't use them! You can imply all you want, but some people actually don't try to cheat. Still looking for tips on what could be on my computer that flagged Jagex's scans for macros.
  5. Noobing around on F2P until Jagex's totally unfair temporary ban for supposedly using a macro (which I never do and would never do) expires. Grrrrr
  6. No I dont listen to music online. But thanks for your post. That is what I am looking for - things I could be doing on my computer that Jagex mistakenly flags as macros. Only thing I do in RS is play the game. I do surf online when playing - news sites, rs help sites. Could that be causing a problem?
  7. I really don't like getting a black mark for something I didn't do. I don't like having to miss playing on my member's account for something I didn't do. And I don't like paying Jagex for 3 days I'm not able to play for something I didn't do. 3 days isn't much, but it is on a weekend. I had herbs growing that will probably be dead. I was close to a couple of skill lvls that will have to wait. Jagex should have something in place for temporary bans to appeal. They should send a warning or notification first instead of just banning. I would be glad to make a change if I'm doing something that Jagex flags pick up as a macro. It's lousy customer service and I'm really disgusted.
  8. I would really like tips about what I could be doing to flag Jagex computers for macroing Thanks in advance
  9. Nope I'm the only person who ever uses my computer. And you're right 3 days isn't bad, but I play a lot. I live in a very small rural midwest town. Not much to do here. So it's real annoying not be able to play. Plus - I PAY for my play, which means Jagex stole 3 days of service from me based on a false accusation. Yea that's only 50 cents, but it's real annoying to pay for a service and not be able to use it.
  10. Hmm I don't talk a lot, but I will try that. Does Jagex ban people who have been reported by other players for macroing without checking first? That would be totally unfair
  11. Right. So what is on our computers that could be flagging Jagex macro detectors? Does Jagex expect us to disable our firewalls to play RS?
  12. Yes well I'm really looking for an answer to my question about what I could have been doing to make Jagex flag me for macroing. Since I don't macro and can't play for 3 days!!! I'd sure like to stop doing whatever it is they think I was doing. Grrrr
  13. I'm over 50 and lvl 115. I never PK, but I like combat as much as skills. I'm glad to see there are so many over 20 players.
  14. I have been temporarily banned for 3 days for supposedly using a macro. Except - I never use macros. Wouldn't ever use a macro, don't even know what they are or how to get them. So, three days of a membership I PAY for have been stolen away, I have been wrongly accused of using a macro, and unfairly had a black mark placed on my record. Whatever happened to innocent before proven guilty? I just play the game. What could I have been doing that made Jagex programs flag me for using a macro? I posted a complaint to Jagex, but have not received a reply. This really seems to be lousy customer service. I am very, very irritated.
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