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  1. Pretty much everything about it. I tried using it once, and got a headache every time I visited it (this was done over the period of a week). I don't know why it caused me to get a headache, so that's why I just say I hate everything about it, it's easier that way.
  2. 1) People who are unable to use the word "you're" and instead use "your". I'm not lying when I say I get headaches everytime I see this. 2) The fact that Jagex has completely negalected FunOrb, then they transfer Mod Craddock to War of Legends & Herotopia with Mod Markg leaving a message letting us know that we should basically give up on FunOrb. (btw, please post in this RSOF QFC: 23-24-735-62982477). 3) The majority of YouTube comments. 4) Twitter. The rest of the things would just cause me to write pages and pages, so I'll stop here.
  3. Dragonmaker9

    Your a noob

    This is the best rant ever. I've seen it in real life, even in workplaces and universities, where it shouldn't be acceptable at all. For every "your" used instead if "you're", I lose faith in the human race.
  4. Agreed. Some of the quests I've done recently have been very deep, with excellent character development (e.g. The Void Knights series), and other quests have had deep, well thought out puzzles (Meeting History is my favourite example of this. I can understand a writer disagreeing with my views, but stating somethimg that is their opinion as fact just annoys me. I personaly am not intrested in clans, but don't go around saying clans don't add anything to the game, because they do for some players, even if they don't for me, I'm sorry if it came across that way, Dragonmaker9, yet this was not what I was trying to say at all. When I say that updates such as new skills and quests don't add depth to the game, what I am trying to say is that, though the individual quests may be deep, they do not add depth to the overall gameplay experience in that they do not add new layers of gameplay, rather, they simply expand on what is already there. Regardless of the content, they are not as new in the sense of innovation as the Clan Camp because they still follow a similar - to whatever extent - model to all the other quests in the game. The same can be said of skills; they follow a similar model to all the others. The reason I single out Construction as different is because the POH, and the opportunities it opens up in terms of socialising, gives players a tangible reward far beyond those of other skills (e.g. being able to catch a new fish, cut a new tree etc). The only recent skill which comes close is Summoning, and the way it changes combat, but arguably the wealth of interactive features (fighting arenas, telescopes, trap doors etc) and customisation of the POH outstrips the ability to walk around and fight with a large bird. Therefore, I wasn't deriding quests or skills; instead, I was pointing out that quests do not add depth in the aforementioned sense. I should have made it more clear. When I said they didn't add "fun", I was indeed stating an opinion as fact. Though I'm sorry if it annoys you, it is nevertheless the point of subjective, opinion articles to do so, and all articles which add something other than objective information do this. No worries, thanks for clearing that up :thumbsup: . Although I think Dungeoneering also opens up new ways of socialising, and could be added to that list if I'm understanding you correctly - especially with the co-operation required (as much as Jagex says Pest Control was their first co-opreative minigame, it really is just a matter of running up to the portals and destroying them without saying a word).
  5. Agreed. Some of the quests I've done recently have been very deep, with excellent character development (e.g. The Void Knights series), and other quests have had deep, well thought out puzzles (Meeting History is my favourite example of this. I can understand a writer disagreeing with my views, but stating somethimg that is their opinion as fact just annoys me. I personaly am not intrested in clans, but don't go around saying clans don't add anything to the game, because they do for some players, even if they don't for me,
  6. Thank you so much for the help! A few of those things you mentioned I switched with other options, but I never thought of present the Half-Key as evidence in that way.
  7. I normally finish court cases in one or two attemps, but I'm having real trouble with the River Troll one. I'm defending the River Troll. I can get the jury to agree with my argument four times with the following: Evidence: Raw Fish - Troll was found eating the fish.Evidence: Spinich Roll - This is not a natural food for TrollsWitness: River Troll - Fishermen are attacking troll OR Fisherman are stealing troll's fish. (both produce the same result)Witness: Arresting Officer - Catherby is a popular fishing spot, so fisherman could be dropping all the litter. Nothing else seems to get the jury to agree with my argument, but I could be missing something. The Jury members I've tried to appeal to so far have been: Shady Individual.Shady Citizen.MageElderly Gentleman (I thought I was proscuting at first, for some bizzare reason).Does anybody know where I'm going wrong? Thanks in advance for any help provided!
  8. I've done that. I'm meant to put the root in a plant pot, and if it doesn't wilt, I move it into the pot, but it always wilts in the plant pot. My Inventory, if it helps:
  9. I've just got through the Vine Maze, and dug up 36 roots now, and every single one has wilted, meanig I haven't been able to put it in the pot, am I doing something wrong, or am I just super unlucky? Thanks in advance for any and all help,
  10. I disagree with these, especially the firemaking spell. Would it require logs? Either way, there are already enogh methods (bow & tinderbox are enough) to make a fire with logs. As for the cooking spell, we have a bake pie spell in the lunar spellbook, a spell allowing you to cook anything (especially with only half the skill requirement) would make the number of sharks, monkfish and the like on the GE increase dramatically-and devalue the cooking skill. As for the woodcutting spell, it would help inflation, as you'd only need 30 woodcutting to cut some yew logs to fletch into longbows and then high alch. Superheat Item & the skill boosts/benefits the Lunar Spellbook provides (Bake Pie, Cure Plant, Humidify, Hunter Kit, Superglass Make, String Jewelry, Fertile Soil and Plank Make) are enough non-combat uses of magic. Lets not forget the teleport spells, High Alchemy etc. I mainly train magic via the circus and from using non-combat spells, and since around level 40 magic, I've found it very easy to train magic. I have no idea of it's power in combat, but it's certainly helpful outside of combat-and shouldn't be any more helpful or devalue skills. If any re-work is needed, it would be for the combat spells, which I cannot comment on.
  11. Dragonmaker9

    Quick chat

    There would be no rant if I could post there, because quick chat restricted users cannot use the forums. There should be an IQ test and if you pass you can use free chat. If you fail, you can't use free chat unless you provide a good reason to jagex why you failed the test. It would filter out lots of annoying random people, and also, allow people under 13, that have a brain bigger than a peanut, to use quick chat. And also, it would stop bot accounts from being made completely by bots, reducing the amount of botting a little bit. Anyone think it's a good idea? An IQ test would solve nothing, IQ tests mainly tell how well you fit into society, not intellegence or maturity levels. Plus, if people had to take a test to use free chat, how many people do you think would choose RuneScape over another game? As for you not knowing about the under 13 law, it applies everywhere, or at least across the US and Europe, I'm British, and I know that it definitely applies here.
  12. Omali, I can't agree with your latest post on this thread 100%, but a lot of those points really made me think "Yeah, I totally agree with this". It does seem that Jagex just whine, lie and refuse to apologise about anything. As for PMod favourtism, I haven't experienced it, but I when I hade public chat or turn it to friends only (both of which I haven't done for over a year now, mainly because of me rarely playing these days), why am I still forced to read PMod chat? I'm not breaking any rules, and they're never speaking to me directly. I think we should only be forced to see PMod chat if they actually use our names in their message. Oh, and I once saw a PMod with a name that was deemed offensive and therefore censored by Jagex. How can someone with an offensive name become a moderator without Jagex forcing them to change it?
  13. Actually, one of my friend's favourite games is Monkey Puzzle. I was mentioning Steel Sentinels because of it's high qaulity...I guess I should mention Kickabout Leugeand Flea Circus now that Im looking at the full list, maybe Bouncedown too, but that's as far as I will go. Anyway, back to the main topic and the replies so far! I think that some people saying they found it easy to quit and others saying it was/is hard to quit proves my point. Rustoid523 - I wouldn't go as far as to say a drug, RuneScape isn't addictive. I guess the closest is it's how some people feel about chocolate. ratchet573 - Online gaming is probably the easiest way to fill your time, as that's basically what RuneScape is. Even though I've online experienced proper online gaming on Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart Wii, it's never hard to find a game, especially on Mario Kart Wii, and personally, I could spend hours on it if I had the time, so I guess that's the easiest way if you have your console set up for internet usage and aree decent at the game (because no one likes losing all the time, or winning all the time). Thanks for all replies!
  14. Sorry, I knew I was forgetting someting, I don't really like that game (but I can't deny it's of amazing qaulity). I guess I'm a RunEscape to FunOrb migrant too. I agree that FunOrbs's community is close-knit, and that's one of the main reason I had a long session of Brick-a-Brac, most of the people in the lobby knew at least three other people.
  15. As with many updates over the years, the recent Constitution and Climbing Boots updates have caused a mass of posts on the forums of people threatening to quit, especially if Jagex don't give a reason. Hell, some are even saying Jagex is a terrible company (which I will address a a side topic in this thread). Firstly, I want to make it clear that the recent climbing boots update is one that I feel so strongly about, I've come full circle and decided not to care and just remove my membership and only start paying again if/once this all settles done or Jagex does a rollback. However, if you look through the "Recent Updates" forum on the official website, just look at all the posts threatening to quit, or those that have said they are removing their membership. How many do you think actually will? I'd bet less than 5%, and that's being genourous. You see, these people may feel that this update does harm to the game, but spend so much time on the game, that they will need something else to fill their lives with (I'm not saying they have no life outside of the internet, but even 1-2 hours a day is a long time). They also need to keep in contact with the friends they have made in-game. It's a hard thing to do, changing your routine and ending relationships with friends (of course, if you're really quitting, you might as well just share an e-mail address, a banned account means nothing). So far, I've established that quitting is difficult, so the title of this thread may seem confusing to you. I'm going to say why quitting is easy now, and explain why Jagex is a good company, seperately, but linked in another way. FunOrb can be used to fill the time spent on RuneScape and keep in contact with the friends made on RuneScape (especially once FunOrb Central is completed). as any FunOrb member will know, Arcanists can take away hours of your life, and I'm sure there are some die-hard Brick-a-Brac fans like me out there. There's even Armies of Gielinor to fill the RuneScape shaped hole people who have quit will be missing. As you're playing much smaller games, it may be easier to slowly spend less time on Jagex-related (or gaming in general) sites and filling the time spent playing RuneScape doing something else. If players took FunOrb into account, quitting would be far easier. (but of course, one of the reasons Jagex doesn't promote FunOrb is because they know this). On a slightly related topic, many of the updates that have caused a lot of anger have apprently be the fault of Mod MMG, or Mark Gerhard. He is the CEO of Jagex, not RuneScape and even if such a job was availble, I doubt he'd have a large say in what updates happen. Mark Gerhard has to handle the running of Jagex as a whole, and while his presence is not as announced on FunOrb, I'm sure he is the one that checks up on how it's faring to the rest of the Jagex products, and if anything needs to be changed if it's under-performing. FunOrb is currently, and in my opinion always has been, filled with better, more honest and hardworking staff than RuneScape. Updates aren't frequent, so what? While I may not like certain games, I can't admit that all updates are of excellent qaulity (which is less than I can say for RuneScape, miscalculating the highly anticipated bonus XP weekend? don't you guys double-check?), and I feel the Jagex Staff are much more present on the forum, and enjoy interacting with the players more (some of the stuff said by Jagex Staff in Mod Wars and the like is great, and the events are great fun). I'm going off on a tagent here, I may expand upon this in another thread at a later date, but I'm not sure if a RuneScape fansite is the best place to do so, I'll just skip to the point of this paragraph. FunOrb is doing a lot of things Mark Gerhard promised in his introductory post for RuneScape, so it's important to remember he doesn't have a huge say in what updates are made to RuneScape, but rather the coporate culture of Jagex. To get back to the main topic of this thread, and to summarise it. The reason players don't quit is because it is hard to, losing a lot of time spent on their avatar, having to fill the time in their routine with other activities, and losing friends. However, I've also said that FunOrb provides a nice way to slowly quit RuneScape, or Jagex products and services altogether. It's just that so many players try to quit instantly that they are unable to, and if they realised this, they would find quitting far easier. If they say they are going to quit, should do so, and have a plan to do so. Threats aren't going to change things, and Jagex, being the smart company they are, know this.
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