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  1. Secretly, that's been my goal all along. Shhhh. (sorry for the late reply, I don't have regular internet access,I live out in the boonies.)
  2. I started playing June 2005 and became a member July 2005. I haven't played much lately. How am I doin'? My bank is really unorganized so I don't feel like posting a pic but I do have guthans and 1.4m [poor! just bought guths today]
  3. My record is twelve. *cries* Nice job! I haven't done tears in a while. Maybe I should....
  4. Eh? KingBlack is the strongest dragon? That just means his strengh level is highest! \ *gets shot* Ow. . . . :cry: Anyway, he's king for a reason. But he's been exiled, seeing as how he's far away locked down in a tiny dungeon.
  5. bacab


    Basically when they say you're safe-ing, they're saying "Turn your back, it'll be easier for me to stab." (That's a Marilyn Manson quote, btw. Love that man.)
  6. There's also something else that some people might miss. When you examine, it says "Large, heavy, with sharp things attached to its head.", but one says, "Larger, heavier, with sharper attached to its head." It respawns nearer to the eastern wall. I'm hoping that the "special" examine means that I might get better loot or something.
  7. o.o Yeah, just might have to burthorpe this one. Leaf Bladed Spear is just . . . stupid . . . against Kurasks. Leafy does well against Turoths but this isn't working out too well. I might just grab some deaths and just Dart them from the entrance. Atleast they drop pineapples and bananas. Time for a smoothie. Or... a margarita...shhh
  8. Personally I've never done a Kurask assignment yet, and I've just been assigned 166 and I'm wondering the best way to killer them. Should I go with melee? They're only 106 combat, and my defense level is 82 (will be 83 after this assignment, probably). I have Toe Rags, too. Plus I have loads of sharks and monkfish in my bank. If worse comes to worse I could always pray, 60 prayer. \ Or should I Range/Melee? I kinda don't want to do this since I want to train my defense mainly. Also, are there any safe spots? I know they're probably aggressive. Thanks for all help/advice!
  9. I'm pretty sure that when you log out your plants still grow at a normal rate. I planted a tree, left it with a gardener's caring hands, came back after a while (after logging out and going to work and coming back after a few days) and it was completely grown.
  10. Thanks for all the advice and feedback! So far the general impression is that I should do it. But I'm going to respond to the posts! ^o^ Little Boy : Toe rags, torags, it's just, eh.... Oh and I've done barrows alot, with fighting the brothers and all. My best drop? After alot of money spent on multiple trips the best thing I got was a stupid key half. And it was a loop, I had several loop but no teeth. :-[ Voldmort 0 :Actually, I was going to get Guthans for my Fire Giant assignment and straight slay for, about a month?, so I can get me some 99 defs. Master Smither : My way of barrowing differs from yours. I would just Hi-Alch in Dharoks, less effort and a better way of making munny. Lol. Drek9 : It wouldn't work for me. I have other things going on in my life and I can't devote as much necessary time. Plus I have the attention span of a . . . ooooh! Look over there! Swordb88 : I always slay. ^o^ Almost 72 slayer and only 94 combat to go with it. \ Most people my combat have lower slayer. Btw, clues annoy me most of the time. I usually get a stupid rune full helm and some random junk. Good things are too far and few between. Thanks though!
  11. Monster drops, battlestave alches. Etc. Stuff like that. Repairs are few and far between though, and I have an armour stand in me house. Plus I'll have atleast 200k left over, hopefully. Plus I have a lot of stuff in my bank to sell, like god items, rune items, and lava battlestaves (3 of them). I just need to not be lazy and actually sell stuff.
  12. bacab

    My baby!

    Now all you need to do is scratch and belch while speeding on the highway and you'll be a true man. Oh, you'll also need to not where pink at all. For like a week. Yeah. Something which would be tough for someone like me but I'm not sure about you.
  13. Yes, you can [bleep]e vambraces. Using a kebbit [bleep]e, I think, from Hunting something. Can't remember what though. Just remember getting [bleep]es from the floor and putting them on my black d hide vambraces. And he's a scammer, because he leads you to believe that he will take you vambraces and give them [bleep]es when in reality all he'll do is just take your vambraces and leave. It's crappy that people feel they should do that.
  14. This is one of those "I'm-an-idiot-I-can't-make-my-own-decisions" topics. I can't decide if I should buy full guthans or not. I have about just enough money to buy it if I sold my toe rags. And I wouldn't have any money after that.
  15. But that occurs randomly while burying bones. Same thing for the randoms that happen while fishing, mining, woodcutting... etc....
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