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  1. LOL was funny watching you spam IRC like every 3rd gargoyle dropping something
  2. Hopefully we'll get the whole clan out there and have one hell of a party for ya. When Darkwichy got 126 we had almost 150 clanmates there so maybe we can have a real party for this great accomplishment. I'll most definetly show up =)
  3. I havent spoken to you since your max melee party so I didn'tknow you were leaving. I'm sorry things Didn't end in a diferent way, you were a nice guy. Hopefully all members of our clan will respect you enough to let you leave in peace. Take care of yourself, you have a long life ahead of you to live. Bestwishes, Sandra
  4. im 25 years old in my circle of friends, i'm one of the younger players...
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