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  1. I've not played CW in a long time, but the most annoying thing is clicking on a pile of people and getting the "blah blah don't attack your own teammates" message. If I can't attack them why the hell do they have attack as their first option, and nearly always stack over my opponents!
  2. Nah not totally true, I have a 70 on WoW that I might have not levelled fully legally, because I don't like the grind, but I play to run instances and such with my mates at uni. However I still scape and will never quit because of WoW alone. Getting 70 on WoW legit is a lot easier and quicker than getting 99 melees on scape, but to me a heck of a lot more boring. Every zone you quest in is the same, you start with the close by quests, kill a few mobs, return to town, then you get the round of quests that take you further away from the town, then you get the generic fedex to the next town etc. At least on RS I can park myself at a Slayer spot and click a mob every few seconds while watching TV/reading forums.
  3. Yeah, normally I'm pretty quick to reccomend new hardware but when the game keeps freezing (not lagging out) on a computer with the latest Java, and an 8800GTX with the latest drivers you know there is a real issue.
  4. 99 Prayer with D Bones, 99 Magic with Bursts and 99 Range with chins. After that.. I'd probably try for 99 Crafting.
  5. The mahjarrat deceiver could be the guy who gave the Barrows brothers their special armour, which ended up killing them slowly. That would make the 8 figures the 6 Barrows brothers, you, and an 8th guy. (Possibly the one who returns as the Slayer) I'd love a quest with a Barrows related story, perhaps fighting side by side with the brothers! The mahjarrat deceiver is Zamorak, atleast that is the most probable and logical in my opinion. He was one of the mahjarrat but then he rose against Zaros with somne other mahjarrat and managed to kill him. The other gods banished him from the world, but eventually he returned, no longer a mortal but a god and thus the godwars began. We also know the elves are trying to re-summon Zamorak and conquer the world with Lathas based on the elf quest line. It all seems a big pincer against humans. The mahjarrat gather in the north, as do the red axe dwarves who we know have links to orges and daero the gnome. Daero probably has links to Glophrie given his evilnature. And Zammy has links to the creatures of Morytania. All in all that means north, west, east and south (when you include the apes) seem to be wanting to ovethrow humna rule and through Daero and the gnomes it seems they are become a united faction. Plus clearly you didn't read it. It said 8 brothers will march AGAINST the mahjarrat deceiever. The deceiver is not one of the 8. Clearly I didn't read it? I'm no expert on RS history, but my post clearly theorises that the 8 people are the 6 Barrows brothers, the player character, and an unknown 8th figure. I did not say the deceiver was one of the 8.
  6. The mahjarrat deceiver could be the guy who gave the Barrows brothers their special armour, which ended up killing them slowly. That would make the 8 figures the 6 Barrows brothers, you, and an 8th guy. (Possibly the one who returns as the Slayer) I'd love a quest with a Barrows related story, perhaps fighting side by side with the brothers!
  7. As far as all round usefulness and importance goes, its got to be the Whip. It's an essential piece of gear.
  8. At the end of the day it doesn't matter whether Jagex hates pures. Different updates are released all the time. Pures don't want to train defense, so complain when a new update requires defense to have the best chance, so what? I don't want to train Agility, so if it means I have to miss out on some high level quests then because of it, so be it. I'm not going to complain about it.
  9. I go for exp. It's not so hard to get a bit of cash easily, so when i'm training i'd rather go for the 100k and hour with a 50k loss than an 80k an hour with no loss method. (For example)
  10. you werre only carrying rune (except 1 veracs). your loss wouldnt suffer much. correct me if you are the one wearing veracs, #-o Yeah, i'm the guy in Verac. The connection lost message appears in the middle of the screen, right over my character ;)
  11. This was kind of tedious: Wasn't really lag, but pretty much the same thing. The whole world crashed, so me and my team were clicking the login button over and over till we got back in. I finally got back in and saw one of the guys get KOed for their Obby set, but I managed to throw Prayer on in time, looted, and teled.
  12. I'm 99 Woodcutting and went all the way to 99 at Willows near Barb assault. Willows are faster than Yews, even at 98. If you want to go faster than willows, go to Teaks in the Karamja jungle, and take a friend. You cut Teak, trade to them and they burn them. Pretty good Firemaking exp for them as well as fast WC for you.
  13. There's nothing more annoying than to try and buy something on forums and then find out the seller doesn't have chat on, I know you can post on the forums and they can add you, but it's a lot more inconvenient. I'm level 122 and I think I tend to avoid the hordes of PMs from random people, although I am starting to get more and more. Still, my chat will stay on.
  14. I'm having fun playing the game, but as it's a new game, there's obviously going to be flaws. As you pointed out, the scoring system needs a bit of an overhaul, but this is something Jagex really couldn't gauge properly until it was released. Pest Control got points updates, so this probably will too. Another thing is the Defenders tasks, no-one wants to be defender because there is just so much to do. Collect Logs and Hammer Fix Traps Fetch Bait Drop Bait Call Horn for the Healer Compared to an attacker who has to attack, and call the horn. The main reason the role fails is that the Runescape interface is just to clunky for the baiting system, by the time the bait is dropped, it chages, and the runners no longer follow it? Also, as you mentioned, the Interface for the cannon. My Internet connection and PC are high spec, yet the cannon interface lags like hell. It needs to be made so that it doesn't close when you get hit.
  15. I'm usually the attacker, being the highest Combat level in my normal group, and i'm quite a fan of the Guthan/Verac combo. In any wave except 10 it's very rare that I get hit enough to be killed anyway with Veracs, and the flail has every attack style, so I use that. Then, in wawe ten, I switch to Guthan.
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