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  1. I am going abroad for my study soon, and I need a laptop which can run Word and the likes, but can also play League of Legends (at around 40fps) and skype at the same time, my current computer can't run it (but it is shit and from 2001) my budget is around 500 euro's, thanks in advance.
  2. I would like the blue on this image to be made transparant if possible, I have been busy for like an hour already to make the blue white on paint but I am not even on 1/5th of the image, so maybe someone who is more handy with images could help me? Thanks in advance
  3. I've always loved the F2P side more then the p2p side of the game, and have always stayed loyal to it (I did have a p2p char though) and this is very sad news indeed. (You forgot to add me to the Spread sheet but ah well I would only be ranked very nicely on the FOG highscores with a 15972 rating).
  4. It goes defence > hp > attack > Strength when it comes to boxing and basic staking. If you turn around the defence and hp I agree with you ;).
  5. "and training magic was generally considered a bad idea because it raised your combat level without increasing your damage output" False, you could use magic while in the three rounds combat, and also this: "Even the melee situation was pretty horrible, as there were only two serious options: the Runite or Dragon battle axe or the Runite 2-handed Sword." What about the Dragon Sword? It had one strength more then the R2H, was 1 handed and had 1 higher accuracy.
  6. Are cooking swordfish with urns good as well right? They don't work on the F2P urns.
  7. When did you start paying? They might be basing it on payment records. I was talking to an actual Jagex Mod, because he was by himself by the f2p hill giants house entrance. Weird huh? Anyways another person came and asked how old his account was, and the mod leaked out, that when you recover an account it asks the year you created your account, which is based off your holiday item. Which makes sense why the 10yr cape can't be out yet, cuz the scythe is the first untradable? So basically Im thinking if you skip out on holiday events gf 5yr cape. Edit: Bunny years were first drop, soz I wouldn't expect 10yr cape out till 10yrs from easter '03 (I could be entirely wrong about all of this) I've never done a single holiday event on my P2P file, but I could still get the vet cape.
  8. Veteran Cape makes ur eyebrows white :mellow: .
  9. Also in RS2 you don't get combat levels from magic anymore every 8 levels, you only get magic levels if you are magic based (Which you can calc here: http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=combat_calc.htm, also ur prayer is kinda high for ur level, although it is not a catastrophe, you can still go range-2h.
  10. What are the songs you used on this video? Especially the last one?
  11. You have to start somewhere right, before you know it you will be 1.8k total and much less newb, everyone has been there ;) :thumbsup:
  12. Wouldn't using Strength amulet be better on some tasks? Especially ofcourse on the lower defense monsters, just wondering.
  13. I'd rather keep a lower level, as I like those better. So low hp is a definite no go area? then what about 85 Attack 95 def 70 str 91 hitpoints (which is still 96 combat).
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