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    Red Blade Hunters
  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1BfBx3Suqs I loved the London display and can't wait to go and watch opening and closing in London. i only want to watch a few events live and have started saving already i am going to spend a lot of money in 2012. well before thay as soon as tickets go on sale. WATCH IN HIGH DETAIL
  2. It was a very good fight we where expecting it to be hard but you guys are very organised i take my hat off to you all. GL and hope you go to win the tournament then we can say we lost to the winners.
  3. make it angry it will look just like it
  4. the first clan i joind was The stone warriors (original) they fell apart due to leader having as fight with other leader lol. they joined back together in like a year but by then i was in my next clan and i have been in it for over 3 years now RBH for the win
  5. First of all, I would like to say thank you to all of those who attended and great job!! WE OWNED RBH. Here are the pics of the Red Blade Hunters v. The Shadowed legion [TCE FULL-OUT TOURNAMENT]
  6. you need to add blending to the render but otherewise good tut. i think i have seen this same tut somewhere else not shore where tho. good tut for newbies to gfx
  7. i don't like them they are slow and of a very bad quality.
  8. male/female: male what they are wearing(im not that good at people):full rune, red boots- gloves. surroundings: well i would like to be fishing, not much else to add if you would like to add something you think will look good go ahead im not fussy
  9. so i guess you not going to do mine like you said then?
  10. ok well i have been fascinated with pixel sigs for along time i have try ed making them but they never seem to turn out like i wanted well i was wondering if some1 could make me one please. what i would like is; place: fishing guild person: a guy in dragon leggs and chain, warrior helm, RED cape, glory ammy, RED boots, and RED gloves. text: 01eparss sub text: RedBladeHunters
  11. ok so i should start looking for old W.I.P threds on here them will go do that now. EDIT: still looking i have looked back to the beginning of the year looking for it can fined it any ware
  12. ok well it is quite obvious this sig is riped and they guy will not admit it, i have contacted the admins of the forums and they have asked me to try finde proof as it is me accusing him of ripping it, so i was wondering if you would help me find the real owner of this sig.
  13. bump, its been a while now and im still waiting do you still remember this?
  14. no offence but your first post and requesting a pixel sig for some reason i don't think your gona get it, post more get to know people then post back later
  15. wow man you amazing i can only hope for mine now, you are realy talented
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