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  1. Somebody use to have a quote in their sig from years back saying something like "Tip.it where everybody is over 6 feet tall and have an average shoe size of 14." Its nice to see that doesn't apply so much anymore. Anyway for project I am a 10.
  2. Alcohol is worse for many body organs. Most notabely the brain and liver. Also it is much easier to abuse or over use alcohol. Blacking out, alcohol poisioning, and even death are consequences of drinking to much. I've heard rediculous figures like you need to smoke pounds of weed in a session to die. So thats not very probable.
  3. I question the same thing. In terms of power. No. There are lots of drugs more powerful. However many leave the person unable to function, as in drive cars and such. Don't get me wrong. I don't want people driving marijuana driving cars. However they are more functional Than somebody on prescription pain killers. But honestly I don't see how it is particularly more effective than just high dosages of over the counter pain killers.
  4. Pain killing is kind of a big deal. It's got use as an anti-nausea med for people getting chemo, nausea and appetite loss in AIDs patients, reducing intra-ocular pressure (glaucoma), anxiety reduction are some. The Institute of Medicine did a pretty good study/report: http://search.nap.edu/openbook.php?isbn=0309071550 However, they're conclusion is pretty much dead on unfortunately, and why I am not confident that we'll see it legalized any time soon Marijuana wouldn't be useful as a main drug to treat the disease, it would be used to suppress symptoms of the disease/condition. Ha how could I forget about the munchies. Actually I do believe taht would be a legitment use of medical marijuana. I don't think there are any other drugs out there that enduce hunger.
  5. I completely agree. How can you deny that marijuana has medical uses? I mean hell, there are synthetic forms of it that are sold by pharmaceutical companies. Kind of low of you to think that people who suffer pain are using it as an excuse to get weed and don't try to get legal pain killers cause they need their weed. I'm willing to bet that the vast majority of people using weed for medicinal purposes never tried it before they needed it I agree with that (except maybe with your last sentence), but I have a feeling we might have misinterpreted what he said. Doesn't sound like him. I'd be positive that the last line is bs. And besides pain killing what medical uses does it have?
  6. All pain medications aren't created equal. Some people react badly or even have alergic reactions to some and alright to others. And some will be stronger to you than others. But going to that many doctors just for medical marijuana is a stretch. And yes I'm aware of that. It really wasnt the smoke I was refering too. Just the idea of a prescribing a prescription and issues that should be associated with that but often aren't.
  7. As dusky said, it's readily available and it's hard to get caught. I don't see how it's worth the effort. Alright that is true. It is usually readily availbable and I can only think of a few friends who have any sort of legal trouble with marijuana. I was just more directing it at the extream of somebody approaching 37 doctors. Just if somebody approaches that many doctors, one you think they'd would have settled for some other drug by that point should there be a need for a precription pain medication. And that number either supports that the medical community is generally against medical marijuana, or that are uneducated about the pros and cons of using it as a pain killer. I never really posted my stance on this yet. But I'm all for the use of medical marijuana if it can be proven benifical by a nonbiased organization/research firm. Just one thing i personally question, if it's legal, should it be smoked? When you smoke you really cannot control a dosage size. The effect of the amount you smoke is dependent on how you smoke it and your tollerance to the drug. Personally if it is legalized it should be the THC that is and perhaps is extracted from the marijuana and put into a pill form where a dosage can be controlled and consistant.
  8. It could be in some cases. It's not hard to prove morphine is a painkiller, and as I said, a similar test can prove pot works in some cases. Not all treatments work for everybody, that doesn't mean they're illegal, criminal, and deemed as dangerous as heroin. "Twenty-one patients from across the country testified in the case, saying they were rejected by doctors a total of 113 times. One Alberta patient was refused by 26 doctors; another in Vancouver approached 37 physicians without finding a single one to sign off on the form." Would you approach 37 different physicians asking for dope knowing the long delays involved when you can get other medication? If I wanted to carry it around legally, have a steady supply and not have to pay for the marijuana. Sure. I assume the Canadian government pays for that stuff? Im not really familiar with all of their healthcare laws.
  9. Just responding to the video. People many people like the guy in the video claim that medical marijuana is the only pain killer that works for them say that because they want to believe that. The mind is a powerful thing. And people telling themselves that will be enough for them to think the pain is less. Granted many of the common prescription pain killers (vicodin, oxycontin, Percocet) will make the person a lot less functional that smoking marijuana. However who says you cannot just take 800mg of tylenol or something else similar. And have similar feeling of pain reduction depending on what you have. Im not saying this because Im anti marijuana, but if you legalize it for medical uses youve basically got no choice but to legalize it for all purposes. Just its use would quickly spread outside the use of patients.
  10. Hi, since my last thread here went unanswered I'll figure I'll ask another question with a more specific question. Basically I want to make my pure currently 38 range 28 hp into a staker. It seems that a common trend is to use soul wars to get really high hp and just outlast the opponent in the duel. Does this method actually work? And what are ideal level to do this. Thanks.
  11. Hello all, So as many people I am interested in getting into staking. Currently I have 2 accounts. A main with: 65 attack, 73 strength, 56 defence, 49 Range, 52 Prayer, 73 magic, and 68 HP, and if it matters 47 dungineering with no tokens spent. I realize this account is far from being in a good position to stake and I'd lose all of my money. My range pure has 31 range and 22 HP. Ofcouse I'd have to train this old pure up some more. But do either of these accounts have anything going for them? If I've looked at alot of staking videos and pictures and it seems boxing/mage boxing is the most popular way to go. I assume that is because of dungineering weapons? And if boxing is a good way to start what are some ideal stats. Thank you for your time.
  12. My friend believes the exact same thing. I also think he has the right idea that maybe pumpkins and easters will be that street again. They are rare, low in "GE" price so you can add that to remainder of max cash. And come up a trade that is worth 2.1b+. Just food for thought.
  13. magegoogles


    Hi, Quick question, what is the most efficent way to distribute you MTK workers. Everyone seems to do logs but what do they do with the other 5 people? Thanks.
  14. RuneScape Name: Latin king33 I need a member of: Black Arm Gang Quest: Heroes When I'll be on: Currently World/Location: I'll hop How to contact me: pm in game
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