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  1. Look at it this way. Look at a grey paper and a white paper, then look at a black paper and a white one, which of the two have a larger contrast? If you experience something worse before it gets better, you will recieve the improvements with more gratitude. Not saying that any of this is true though, just explaining why they would do it ^_^
  2. I actually thought Hunter was pretty fun... Anyway, what I think that a skill needs is variety in training ( Noone wants a skill where you have to level from <70 to 99 with one viable option ). Which is why I think slayer is a good skill. It needs lots of uses, both for other skills and in combat. It shouldn't be all that repetive to train, you're not fooling anyone if you're making a skill where you have to stand still and automatically work logs with a knife and try to make it 'fun'. Above all, it needs to be fun. I won't train runecrafting because it isn't fun.
  3. Brick walls don't say stupid things though. well excuse me for basing a logical argument around mathematical statistics since i'm simply a brick wall who says stupid things why don't you come stand next to me while i topple over onto you or you can do this :wall: and try to beat good math sense into your heads Good math sense? My math sense is fine, I assure you. You have already stated that you would refuse to sell a 500M item at the GE price if the GE price is 100M. If you will not take a 400M loss to sell your good, why should ANYONE take this loss? Junk trading is not the only way of moving goods around. Bounty Hunter trades and other "accidents" by Jagex allow you to move money fairly safely to people in a trust trade. Admittedly, trust trades are not pleasant, but it's better than a 400M outright lost. Also, why should they sell them in the GE instead of to their friend? Let's see, I can lose 395M... or I can lose 400M and sell the item to my friend, who may be willing to repay me if he or she has a chance Corrupted Morrigan's Javelins say hi. You are being silly. I suppose that's a better word than "stupid", but you still fail to see there is no incentive to use the GE for items that are horribly underpriced. i never said i wouldn't sell a 100m item with a 500m street value on the g.e. if it was stagnant i would sell it if it was rising i would wait for it to peak, and then sell it and how many times do you have to be told that there isn't a loss you're simply not liquidating junk by using the g.e. you're selling it for the same price as you would in a junk trade minus the junk it's not a loss at all, in fact a 100m item would be 5m gain the incentive is in that 5m you obviously do not have good math sense if you can't realize that liquidation and profit are two entirely different things Umm... I just wanted to put my imput in here, and I have seen all the comments about you so I probably won't reply back if you do intend to reply to this post That being said, Why would anyone with a sane mindset sell an 500m item for 100m if you can trade it safely, unnoticably and pretty much unreportable for the 500 m that it is actually worth. Junktrading is a product of a failed system, nothing more, nothing less. I do not obey a microwave if it doesn't toast my bread properly. I do not prefer a broken and rusted bicycle that has been bought from a store over a nice clean bike that has been bought from a friend. I do not try to make the masses obey me, for I am just one man, and one man can't do much without the support of many. The masses prefer to have profit over having a halo above their heads, you will not pursuade the masses if you make their profit less. Hence, you won't get support to obey the slow and hole ridden GE over a nice and easy profit on the big time merchanters. That would be all, thank you for reading this post and please, don't reply with intend to bring me down, reply with intend to come up with idea's beyond trying to make the mass obey, reply with intend to reason, reply with the intend to make friends, or don't reply at all. ( yes I have just seen an Obama speech, why do you ask? )
  4. That's because it's possible to use damn and suck and the other words they uncensored without it being a sexual nature. Bra, on the other hand, is directly tied to things of a sexual nature. No pun intended. You have to know that bra equals good in swedish, aka rather annoying for them. Although I don't mind the less strict censor ^_^. And ofcourse the varrock/ge teleport change. I think this is the first of many of these wonderfull tiny yet amazingly helpfull updates. And I like it ^_^
  5. The ones who report you for censored out words ( That, like usually, aren't even offensive ) then follow you saying that they will be a pmod thanks to my 'stupidity'. Ty and Gf :P People who still do single nature crafting for money ( seriously, even aviansies is better money <_< ). People who train a time consuming, boring out of your skull-skill to 99 to get the "nice rc cape" from a random stranger every once in a while. Honestly... doing the same thing over and over for over 200 hours or more to get those kind of comments. OMG -.- . People who only use melee in dueltournaments. Pkers afking, nuff said. I'll stop now before I gets into trouble.
  6. After the "The world is about to end" signs, they needed something new. aaaaanyway, even though sailing would be awesome, everyone is way too hypey about every single thing JagEx says or does. Relax dudes.
  7. The one who ratted out SixFeetUnder was banned too wasn't he?
  8. its when you smoke alot ;) 110+ Combat (no summon) with a 90+ melee combat skill. 1700+ total ('cause lets face it, not everyone's rich enough to train some) 80+ non combat skill (excluding fm/cooking/fletch) 250+ Quest Points. 8-) To be quite honest you don't even have to smoke more then 3 breaths in order to get stoned. But thats just me. Anyway, 115+ combat 1900+ Total level ( Rediculous if you want 2300 total, thats just in sane ) 80+ non combat, it means you can do probably everything in the skill already, except for that lone high item. Maxed quests, its not that hard. Atleast some minigames mastered, Like barbarian assault or Chompy hunting.
  9. Tell that to the people who have millions of eyes of newts, the people who have botted to 99 combat stats in PC and the people who have fished food for a month and have gotten 99 fishing and + 20m cash. Sure, people do get banned, but if they are as ridiculously easy to detect as you make them out to be, why are these people not banned? The only reason why you do not notice them is because a lot of the RWTers are gone and without easy methods of transferal most have left cheating. If you believe otherwise then be my guest, but a simple search will yield proof. I've had multiple friends who have tried macroing with a high level account, and they were all banned within a week. I base my opinion not just on sheer facts, but on experience too. And for that matter I have had a lot of experience with people trying macroing, all banned, or perm muted.
  10. Will make the monotone afkable skills less monotone ^_^
  11. I am glad they are going to update the outdated parts of runescape. Because who seriously still does Salarin the Twisted? Or Mining for money in members for that matter. There's just too many outdated bits, and I don't mind a usefull mining/thieving/agility/firemaking/woodcutting/smithing/crafting/runecrafting/fishing/cooking/hunter/slayer update.
  12. they are not easy to detect in the slightest! maybe the auto typers are stupidly easy to catch but a proper bot unless you can report it to jagex is really hard to catch Bots are rediculously easy for them to detect. Period. I can garantee you that if you use a bot for three days (not even for that long ), be it something as stupid as cabbage picking, you will get spotted and banned for macroing.
  13. I agree! Making the game better is so bad! Seriously, why would we report people and make the game better wtf that makes no sense at [email protected]@@ /sarcasm. Like I said before, you shouldn't be worried, maybe he'll learn his lesson and play the game fair. I have one point to make though, many people in this topic compare this situation with like driving drunk or taking drugs. Seriously, that has nothing to do with it. Driving drunk or taking drugs is the same situation but have different impacts. They are dangerous, I don't see anything dangerous about macroing so just stop comparing those two. You did the right thing. And did your friend get banned or do you have any news about it already? What impact does it have, other then this kid macroing he would have maintained; a social life > gaming on rs. Whilst getting mediocre(sp?) stats. To be honest, I have no problem with somebody mac'n 99 melles an dominating me, no problem someone macroing 99 thieving and becoming super rich. It was more noticable in RSclassic the effect it had, I don't see how it matters as much these days. People will play as much as someone macro's now, so what's the difference? I come back to my original argument, people stand by Jagex like what they say is the LAW of society, when it is a game, in games people cheat don't matter what it is. I give up. :wall: That is very true, people will ALWAYS try to cheat in games because they want a lot of things, on an easy way. And if you are a gamer with a grain of respect, you will report anyone trying to cheat, friend or not. .... Riiiight, just drag the whole real gamer community through the dirt, we don't mind <_< . If you are a person with any sence of dignity, humility and loyalty, you wouldn't backfire on your friends. Simple as that. There, that totally made my point clear, Didn't it? The fact is that this is just a game. If you want to ruin something invaluable as a friendship over a system that doesn't even require your help to function, you are in my opinion one of those 'rat' gamers that would backfire on your friends in the wilderniss "Because there is no rule against it". And if you are upset about the fact that people got a thieving cape or whatever faster then you for whatever reason, then I welcome you to the hundreds of people with a thieving cape. In this game you are nothing but a number, a variable, you don't even own your account. Jagex does. And you value that above a friend. In this game, snitchers will be snitchers, and honest loyal people will always get the consequences. So don't quote me, neither me or you are convincable because we are stubborn. I know I am.
  14. Hmmm, glad that you're sharing your tricks. Very helpfull ^_^
  15. But what is the huge difference between telling them your going to report them and then reporting them and not? The difference is that the friend has an oppertunity to halt his 'evil' actions, before being sentenced life.
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