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  1. Here, if you actually feel like reading the Sabres history instead of just making claims: http://thesabreclan.com/history.html That goes until I joined in 2005 and for sure they've still been around. Like my point a while ago, just because you do not hear from a clan doesnt mean that it ceased to exist. What matters is that it is still around and kicking. Lynx
  2. I'd be interested to know why you don't think they count. By all means ask many of the older members of clanning. Sabres have split before as well as having closed due to issues within the clan. When they split it was a break up of the original clan and it was only really after that it was claimed to still be Sabres (probably to hold onto the title). I am speaking for what I have been told of course by multiple sources who were active during this time. They will claim they have not but MANY members from multiple old-school clans can vouch for different circumstances. Sure they are the oldest clan to have ever been involved with Runescape however I believe it would be safe to say that the oldest ACTIVE clan would belong to someone else. Heck THE has been in the top 5 longer than most clans have been alive. It is only in recent years that Gladz BK and THE dropped out of that rank. I dont believe anyone can question the longevity of any of those 3 though. They all have stayed active and pretty much have not fallen below at least top 30 overall. Lol. The Sabres havent closed ever, although spilts between the Light and Dark Sabres occured, you can read the history on their forums. Thesabreclan.com. They have never officially closed, but have gone from the spot light due to things changing in the clan world, pvp, etc. They are still active in the sense of having events and an active community. Anyone who says that the Sabres closed has been mis-informed. Just because you dont hear from a clan doesnt mean that it doesnt exist or has closed. Due to some of the leaders of the past, they did not really care about what the clan world thought or etc, so they didnt do much warring. However, they did have pk trips, albeit smaller. But there has always been people there and events happening, whether or not they had new recruits or were losing, they were always struggling in existence. And btw, this spilt happened between members of the Sabres who were following after each other, but I believe that they were remerged, never has the Sabres ceased to exist. Lynx
  3. Gf envy. Wish I wish that I could have been able to fight. :P But first tank, thats fun too. ;) Lynx
  4. Gf RK, you guys outperformed us, even with some amazing tanks to keep us in the war, people would get ko'd. Good job. Lynx
  5. you're not serious are you? I honestly don't see how this could be any more solid. I don't know if you can do math or not but 4 > 3. Which means they broke the sniper cap, which means they broke the rules, which in turn means exodus wins. I hope me explaining this to you helped you out a bit. No need to thank me You don't think you're over-reacting just a little? I personally wasn't there but sounds like a case of a minor slip up on CoR's behalf with 1 extra sniper for a brief period of time, wether it be that he was antisniping or not it still is hard to justify that the one extra sniper's few hits on a couple of random exo got CoR a win by 9 people Never said the extra sniper made us lose by 9 people, but it's the fact that you guys did go over the sniper cap, regardless if it was for a few moments or not. Sounds fun. Lets point fingers. RULE [email protected]@@ Jinn
  6. What I see on this last one was some anti-snipers that went too far. Or people anti-camping, which could be seen in the other video as well. When camping, you should expect someone to hit you back. And then it seems to become very messy for both clans.. Jinn
  7. Rofl, who are you? And all I see in that video that was posted is a guy going back and forth between sniping and being on the main pile and running away. Jinn
  8. VS Team Eternal Soul Keeprs ESK approached our leader 2 weeks ago looking for a 1 hour PKRI. Our weekends were booked so he accepted it for today, and we began sharpening our Sabres for the upcoming battle. TS starting - 18 ESK starting - 19+ (asked for a pic but no1 has one, I think they had a few more members come in during the 50 secs) We had a great start with several KOs and tight binds. We held our lead most of the time, but in the last 20 mins or so a bunch of our members had to leave and went afk, and our level 88 who needs to be educated in warring got k0ed a couple times. ESK started to catch up a bit at that point but we soon brought it together and dominated. Ending Kills: The Sabres - 46 Team ESK - 38 Well done Sabres you performed well and kept the spirit up all the way through!! :thumbsup: Good fight ESK it was a pleasure.
  9. Worst luck ever in TWR tbh. First war we have is ultra laggy, then this war, I dc walking to the middle. :( Gj on the win. Nice pull and levels. Definitely be warring again. ;) Jinn
  10. Nice pull, wasnt expecting to see so many 120s. Anyways, yeah, the world was really laggy, I was actually watching screenshots. :P Somehow it seems we suck for twr. Meh. =\ Gf. Amatuer, you stepped it up, seen you get koed many times tbh. Jinn
  11. Well, I was looking for a war yesterday afternoon, and went to POR asking. Was getting late for them so we set up one for today. Was going to be matched, but we pulled 14 to their 15, we let them keep the extra person. TS starting opts: (+124, 125, 126) POR starting opts: (+122) Ending: Was a very close war, they managed to down their pile first, then we dropped ours, and tied it up with a ko. Then it was back and forth till we got a few more koes. Both sides had pretty good tanks and POR snipers were doing a very good job on our binders, sniping some completely out. One of our guys computer shut down from heat (LOL). Stayed in a 1 point lead right until the end, was a very close war. Thanks for the clean war POR, sorry bout the one guy stepping out of bounds for a bit. Was a very fun war. Looking forward to doing it again. :) Jinn
  12. If you know pooling, you can only get a certain amount. Yes, it is called ancient mace spec. I get only 9 prayer points at 99. So, that makes 108. The only pooling that I have seen or heard arguments over is pooling for infy run, which no longer works in clan wars. GF Akel. Was a fun war, props to your tanks, they did good. :) Jinn
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