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  1. I seem to remember Herblore being quite an expensive skill to level up effectively and I didn't think I would have enough cash to level it up to the point where I can use extremes. How much do you think it would cost me to get to 85 from 66 and what potions would I make?
  2. I can afford to buy Saradomin's Whisper without having to sell the Tassets but, how much of a difference would an extra +2 to strength really make? I ask this because 19mil+ is a lot to ask for an amulet that is only slightly better than a Fury in one aspect, and for something like that I want to know I'm getting my money's worth especially if it ends up going down in price relatively quickly. My Herblore is level 66 and my Prayer is level 74. I don't have enough cash to get either of these skills to the point where I can use Turmoil/Soul Split and create Extreme potions/Overloads.
  3. Ah I see, so I would always prioritise strength over prayer unless I'm on a particularly long/difficult task. Thanks for the tips, I should be ready to start back up now :)
  4. It is possible to type it as two seperate words (bot watch), thus avoiding the censor.
  5. Ah, I think I undertstand now, thanks. The following is my current set-up (I'll add to it later if I left something out): Full Slayer Helmet Amulet of Fury Bandos Chestplate Bandos Tassets Barrows Gloves Dragon Boots Berserker Ring Dragon Defender Abyssal Whip (haven't got the level for chaotic weapons yet) Fire Cape/ Ardougne Cloak 3 When just taking the equipment into account, how should I decide when to prioritise prayer bonus over strength bonus? If I recall the prayer bonus I get from using the above set-up with a Fire Cape is +9, under the recommended number.
  6. Ah I see, so there hasn't been a great deal of new armour introduced to the game since I stopped playing. I could afford Bando's but seeing as it has been dropping in price recently I might wait a while until I buy it. Also, I'm aware that Guthan's healing effect doesn't work when you haven't got the full set equipped, I take the slayer helmet off when I need to heal :wink:. Thanks for the tips and the warm welcome :smile:. I think I have at least half of the things you've listed, the other half I don't have due to money/level requirements. There are a few things on that list I'm not sure I'll ever have access to e.g. Steel Titan's and extreme potions or overloads. I don't think I would play the game enough to make going for those levels worthwhile either so for now I'll just have to get used to the idea I won't be using the best training methods. One other thing, could you explain to me how using Piety on every slayer task, implying the constant use of prayer potions, is cost effective please? Thanks.
  7. I have recently started playing RuneScape again after quite a long break, probably around two years. Anyway, I've also started slaying again and the only armour I have at the moment is Guthan's so, I was wondering if there is some newer and better armour I should be using now or is Guthan's good enough? Keep in mind that I have the stats to wear any armour but not a great deal of cash to spend. Also, just so people know, I am aware of certain familiars from the Summoning skill that can heal me and I also wear a slayer helmet on my tasks to boost my stats.
  8. I'm sure a lot of people here won't know who I am but, seeing as I'm back on RuneScape for a couple of months for a trial run, I thought I'd reintroduce myself. I'm also quite sure no one would know me by my current name, but some may remember me as Dragon_R. I'm trying to make somewhat of a fresh start so I thought I'd give myself a new name. Anyways, I'd just like to say hello to everyone and I'll see ya around the forums. Thanks, Shadow MC
  9. This topic will soon be locked if the spam the majority of you are posting does not stop. Someone has come here to ask for some help and whether their question has been typed in perfect English or not is irrellevent. Fair enough if you cannot actually make sense of something that has been posted but if this is the case it does not give anyone the need to spam, flame or just plain argue over it. If you do not understand what someone is asking all that is needed is a polite post asking if they could please re-phrase/re-type their question for you to better understand it or, ask another user that does understand it. Please stick to the topic in question from here on out. -->Dragon_R
  10. Very nice guide :thumbsup: . Using the tips from this guide got me my fire cape just over an hour ago. 10/10 =D>.
  11. The discussion of third-party software and the posting of links to third-party software is against Tip.it forum rules. Locked. -->Dragon_R
  12. Please use the Wanted: Gang Member! (Shield of Arrav, Heroes) topic sticky, the link of which is also provided by Darksin68 in the above post. Thanks. -->Dragon_R
  13. Please use the topic sticky near the top of the page, the link for which is provided by bigmad. Thanks. -->Dragon_R
  14. I don't use prayer potions on most of the slayer tasks I get. Ofcourse I still use them on such assignements as waterfiends and spectres but most of the time I find guthans is good enough to get me through the task with minimal banking. I wouldn't say you should stop using prayer potions all together but just use them on tasks where it would be extremely inefficient without them for example, Black Demons can be pain to kill in large numbers quickly without the aid of prayer potions. I think that what you're saying on trying medium level monsters without using prayer potions first of all is a good idea, this way you can test whether you would be going overkill if you had used prayer potions whereas a bunyip and/or guthans would have worked just as well in that situation.
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