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  1. I did the "repair the castle" version of the game instead. Killed 750 trolls, put my reward into a lvl97 skill and got 37,260xp for it. Not bad for 10 minutes work, though not as lucrative as the circus.
  2. So, which is it? Do you think that the comp cape should be the best there is, or not? The comp cape is good for a lot of things, but it's possible they might bring out a combat specialist's cape that has better stats for combat but fewer other powers. Frankly, I'm not too bothered - it's not as though there'll be thousands of people wearing comp capes, or that doing so makes them invincible - a couple of extra plusses on their stats won't make much difference. What would be silly is for a "completionist" cape to be gettable without actually completing all aspects of the game.
  3. I'm astonished at how flawed this process is: No attempt to authenticate who you are before you vote You can (apparently) vote multiple times No way to vote "No" No way to vote separately for free trading and the wildy - what if you're in favour of one but not the other? No explanation - for the benefit of new players - what these things actually ARE. There must've been a lot of people join since 2007. No details of in what form they're proposing to bring them back. A proper poll, where you have to sign on to cast a vote, and you can say "yes" or "no" to each issue in turn, might yield interesting results. I'm not sure it would be as clear cut as many think it would. Personally, I don't have a view on free trading, but I'd be against a return to the old wilderness on every world. If they keep the new wildy on a few worlds - so I can go there when I need to for a quest or to spot a penguin without running into a bunch of PK-ers - then fine. But if it's a blanket choice between old and new, count me in for new. Not that it matters though. My name appears in the high scores, so I expect someone's already cast multiple "yes" votes on my behalf.
  4. We need to know how much experience you get for each trick. The levels missing are: Agility: Levels 80, 90, 99 Mage: Level 99 Range: Levels 90, 99 I can fill in the level 80 agility gap myself now - forgot to look when I did it this week. Note that emotes, circus gear and what the crowd wants has no impact on xp gained.
  5. Just looked at the new guide to the circus ( http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=circus.htm ). It's great - a big improvement on the old page. However, it says hardly anything about one of the most important elements of doing the circus - the xp you gain. I'm making 20K mage experience every week, for about 5 minutes work! I did some work detailing what you have to do, and the experience you get in this thread: http://forum.tip.it/topic/209173-circus-experience/ . With some help from people with 99's in magic, range and agility we could fill in the gaps and add that information to the guide. There's also stuff from that thread that could be added already.
  6. Another minor correction on this page - The section on Kill Count has a table of what KC yields what drops. Below the table it says "Other possible rewards from the chest are Key halves and Dragon Medium helms. These two's relation to KC is currently still unknown." But these two things appear in the table above with the KC required to get them!
  7. Bump. Since it's circus day again, I thought I'd remind folks that I'm still looking for people with level 99 in Agility, Mage and Range to report how much xp they get for each of these circus tricks: Agility: Levels 80, 90, 99 Mage: Level 99 Range: Levels 90, 99
  8. What evidence do you have that Jagex give a monkey's for the state of the rare market? "Quotes" from un-named sources in unspecified places don't count.
  9. The Catapult Construction quest is rated "Hard" in the list of quests. It involves some wandering around and associated trap-dodging in Isafdar, a trip to the dwarf mines and Port Sarim, and solving a couple of puzzles. There's no combat at all - not even aggressive monsters to run past on the way. Does this quest really deserve to be rated alongside Monkey Magic and Desert Treasure in the ranks of "hard" RQ quests? Note that Roving Elves, which involves just as much trap-dodging but also a fight without weapons, armour or prayer against a level 84 monster is rated "Easy". I'd suggest that Catapult Construction should be no more than "Medium", and arguably should be "Easy".
  10. http://www.tip.it/runescape/index.php?rs2quest_id=26 Spotted this when HugeBrain posted his correction: When used to refer to a male enaged-person, fiancé only has one e. There's two for a female: i.e. Veronica is Ernest's fiancée, Ernest is Veronica's fiancé The use of the acute accent over the (first) e is, I think, optional in English usage - but I think we should either always use it or never use it, not one of each. In summary, here's how I think this passage should read: [Corrected. We do not credit spelling errors but thanks for pointing it out.]
  11. There's also a problem with The Great Brain Robbery - it says I can't do it because I haven't finished Recipe for Disaster, but I don't need to finish the whole of RFD, just the Pirate Pete bit (which I have done). I guess this wasn't updated when RFD was split into subquests, any chance it could be done now?
  12. I'd vote for "none of the above". I use this site quite a bit, but I don't really "know" anyone who runs it.
  13. I need the services of a player or players who have level 99 in Magic, Range and Agility to find out the xp rewards offered by the circus mini-game. You only get the full xp for a given move if it's at or lower than your level, so you need to be a 99 to get the full set. Just go to the circus, and note down the xp you get for each move - the total xp you get for the performance isn't any good, nor does it matter how many performance points you get. The moves I need to know the xp for are: Agility: Levels 80, 90, 99 Mage: Level 99 Range: Levels 90, 99 I've already got the rest. You can read more - and please post your results - in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=770853 Thanks in advance
  14. This week, the circus is just West of Catherby (it moves every Wednesday). You don't need anything to start it. There's a guide at http://tip.it/runescape/?page=circus.htm . Thanks, that's fantastic! It confirms my theory on higher-than-your-level rewards, and fills in some higher level xp awards too. We still need figures for: Agility: Levels 80, 90, 99 Mage: Level 99 Range: Levels 90, 99 Remember that you need to be of at least that level to get (and report) the full experience - i.e. I need people who are level 99 in those skills to do the circus and report back. That's an interesting theory, but difficult to prove (apart from the bit about them not affecting xp, which is definitely true). I'm inclined to think that circus clothing improves the number of points you get towards earning more clothes, but doesn't affect success rate. It seems to make more sense - to me - to boost your success rate by wearing range/mage/agility clothing, drinking potions, etc. Mind you, I can't prove that that works either. I've been thinking a bit more about the xp awarded to people below level 50. I did think that they'd get full xp for all moves up to their level and level 10 for the rest, but now I'm not sure. If you were level 1 in Mage and completed the levels 10 and 20 moves (which doesn't seem unreasonable), you'd be instantly catapulted to level 13! In fact, if you were level 10 and completed just the level 10 move, that'd send you to level 13 too. I cannot believe that this would be the case, so there must be some level-related factoring that kicks in if you're below a certain level (as in, for example, Tears of Guthix). If there are people out there with accounts which have low-level Mage/Range/Agility scores, your circus results would be most useful. Remember, we need to know the xp you get for each successful move, not the whole performance.
  15. Another week, another trip to the circus. Again, I've been logging experience gained for each move. I don't have anything to add to my original findings on Agility and Magic as I'm the same level as I was last week. In ranged, I've gone up to level 60 (during the circus performance, actually) so I can add a couple of numbers: Doing the level 60 ranged move earns you 1875xp (may actually be 1874.5 or 1875.5, I can't tell having only done it once!). Doing level 70+ ranged moves if you're level 60 earns you 1455xp, i.e. the same as a level 20 move. Previously, in the mid-50s, I was getting level 10 xp. I've already observed what happens if your level is in the 70s in magic and agility. This leads me to a theory: When you complete a move whose level is higher than your actual level, the experience you will get will be (highest level move that's <= your level) - 40, or (presumably) level 10 if your level is less than 50. That is, when doing a move that is above your level... [*:24mtjjt3]If you're level 1-59, you'll get the same xp as the level 10 move [*:24mtjjt3]If you're level 60-69, you'll get the same xp as the level 20 move [*:24mtjjt3]If you're level 70-79, you'll get the same xp as the level 30 move [*:24mtjjt3]If you're level 80-89, you'll get the same xp as the level 40 move [*:24mtjjt3]If you're level 90-98, you'll get the same xp as the level 50 move [*:24mtjjt3]If you're level 99, there aren't any moves above your level! What we need to prove this hypothesis is for people of levels 1-49, 80-89 and 90-99 to do the circus and log what xp they get for moves above their level. What we also need is for people with high enough range, mage and/or agility to post what they get for the level 70 range move, and the level 80, 90 and 99 moves in all three skills. It could be a long wait until I'm 99 in all three!
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