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  1. Get as many normal Excaliburs from her as you want (after destroying any EEs you may have) and then ask her to enchant them.
  2. I haven't posted here in ages, but bank organization is something I'm a big fan of. Mine is super minimal, but it has everything I need because I take full advantage of my POH (costume room, menagerie), I'm almost done all of my quests, and I mostly skill in waves. The first tap is for all of my in progress stuff, as well as my dailies. The second supplies and the third is combat. Lastly, the fourth is stuff that is either often needed or a pain to get back.
  3. Amazing guide, definitely 10/10. But, with so many methods, would it perhaps be possible to rank the methods based on efficiency/speed regardless of requirements?
  4. I know that 1700 is pretty low, but I generally don't like skilling. Oh, and I looked through my old screenies, I got 1400 total 3 years ago (also taken in Lletya, not on purpose). #-o I mean, I've been playing on and off (mostly off), but still.
  5. 70.75 1,190,085 xp Skilling is a terrible money maker IMO, so I only train when needed; I prefer combat-related skills.
  6. My tenth barrows drop. My first one that's worth over 1M. And considering my BoB is only ~10M, an extra 1.8M is always welcome. \
  7. This is my bank after playing on and off for four years. [hide=Bank Pic][/hide] 1 - Runes/Teleports/Potions 2 - Armour/Weapons 3 - Quest/Diary Items 4 - Skilling Stuff 5 - Uri's Cabbage 6 - Tasks at Hand (All I need is 60 RC and 65 Farm to finish off the achievement diaries)
  8. The RS stereotype doesn't really exist IMO. For example, my best friend plays RuneScape and let me tell you a bit about him. One of the best volleyball players in Canada at age 15, dating a hot girlfriend, not a virgin, has a good social life and grades. And yet still plays RuneScape. For me and him, this game is something we do in free time. The key is prioritizing.
  9. Melee through Slayer, it feels like a waste of time otherwise. I don't bother with Range or Mage right now, I'll train those when I'm crazy rich (Chinning + Bursting Rock Lobsters).
  10. There are stores that sell runes. But yeah good points otherwise. All are a given except for firemaking, which is almost essentially useless.
  11. What are some of the best slayer tasks to have blocked/skipped? Slash, what are the ones you have blocked?
  12. When I was a low level I raised skills to be better. Then when I got mebers, I raised them to do quests (Legends was a big one, to get all of the requirements). Now, with all quests done and the new ones being too easy, I raise them as I go along, doing whatever.
  13. In (STT), you made a spelling mistake. That's restrictive, not restrctive. Other then that, you have a very good (and - i thought - very detailed) guide there. =D> And, Aquashock, that's excactly what I do, too! Those tips should go in the guide, they're very useful.
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