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  1. ur mom is a lvl 12 siphon + edit: damn google images that is some shitty quality on that gif. oh well.
  2. Ok so it's like 2006 or something when I got this: Now I hear Barrows is all crazy pricing, so I go back - and I get this :) (Bottom of inventory) .... Which is actually two separate drops :\ I got the Akrisae Skirt about 3 runs prior. Still - a double drop, not bad, not bad. Edit: dang some nice loot for like... 1 hour's work:
  3. #SWAG 1) I bought those when I had 800m cash and nothing to spend on. 2) http://runeapps.org/ :) This app changed my life. It solves ALL your sliding/celtic knot/etc whatever clues. It even has a little cursor that guides you through the sliding puzzle. That's the only feature I use on it - it does a ton of other stuff as well. Yea literally this. I even bought them the day they came out so I probably spent way too much on them :\
  4. Daaaaaaaamn @ chat. That's really gotta suck :\\ 2394 Total lvl
  5. So my xbox 1 is on the fritz so I'm like "lemme do some araxxi" 2nd kill in over 6 months:
  6. Yea I'm curious as well. [bleep] destiny and their "hurr durr idfk what a harrowed helmet is lmfa0" BUNGIE A HARROWED HELMET IS THE LAST FREAKING PIECE I NEED FOR THAT DICE AF SHADER." At least with Nex you only spend 4 minutes not getting your triple zaryte drop. These raids are 3-4 hours and you can only do once a week. :( I kind of want to get back into Runescape. Now that I'm a billionaire and all.
  7. Omfg. I bought black Santa hat for 400m. Rswiki says its worth 900m. I am a genius.
  8. It's enjoyable (I'm an immensely casual player, Supercell was my first non-promotional exotic), but it also feels like you can see some small hints at what they wanted Destiny to be, and that game would have been so much more compelling :v Also I don't have PSPlus yet so that cuts out a lot of stuff. Zhalo <3 Wow - I just googled PSPlus. Yeah, that cuts out about... oh... 85% of the game. (The raids are so fun!!) Some big patch should be dropping sometime this week or so. Will allow us (those who have hordes of Wormspore) to trade it in with Eris, as well as purchase weapon parts from the Gunsmith. Also please Iron Banner, come back already. It's been a month. :(
  9. Huge... extremely late... congrats!!!!! (Sorry - Destiny is incredibly addicting and I always forget to check TIF >.<)
  10. ayyyyy what??? lmfao they went back up again?? woot yeah I'm pretty sure I still have mine. Also I don't have $400 but I do give you permission to steal an xbox one.
  11. You've got all day Saturday as well!!! I got one the release day of TTK, and like 4 more after that. and I've always felt bad because none of my friends could ever get it to drop.... Now we can all SUPERCELLL!!! So ALG how are you liking the game so far? ----- Unrelated: Trials of Osiris now gives gear based on participation, not wins! Yesss!!!
  12. *puts on sunglasses* oh yeahhhhhhhhhh probably took me like 50+ attempts over the week. I got to 311 light on Wed, and that really helped boost me over. *proceeds to fail math test in 5 hours that I should have studied for*
  13. Sounds like your Destiny is calling you to play something else. I mean look at this vid I just uploaded. Are you saying this shit doesn't give you the slightest boner??? It also took me over 4 hours and 50+ attempts to get to that point. :\ If you get Destiny I'll let you keep that Araxx staff that I've not forgotten [email protected]@
  14. Nice! ... Hard mode King's Fall is HARD. Well, Oryx is at least. Good god. After about an hour at Oryx, my team couldn't get past the first phase. For God's sake, they spawn knights that eat your corrupted light. :(
  15. Ahh. :| not sure if I linked this yet or not, but here's how to Kings Fall, in .Gif. Freaking brilliant. https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/3p3yml/how_to_kings_fall_now_in_gif_form/ Can confirm that the .gifs explain everything perfectly. I now own The First Curse (Exotic Last Word opposite), and No Time to Explain... both just a little bit underwhelming... I also was part of a Crucible match lasting up to 80-90k score XD eventually we all got kicked :\ http://xboxclips.com/Urtehnoes/f1c6bca0-6e49-4b74-a6a6-302dec54defc
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