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  1. If I recall, one of the Guantanamo detainees gave up information on two Saudi princes who were directly involved in the September 11th attacks. Now, this was a while back, and three of the four individuals have died. One of a heart attack, another in a car crash, and I forget what happened to the third. Slowly but surely they are finding the missing links behind the funding and training of al Qaeda as it pertains to ongoing terrorism throughout the world.
  2. Hello everyone, I have been having a problem on my desktop computer. I keep getting the "blue screen of death" with the error "IRQL not less or equal". Specifically, it mentions "0x000000D1 (0x10014Fd4,0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x825BfB05)" and it just does a physical memory dump. After that, the blue screen persists and my desktop does not load. I can load the computer in safe mode, but that is the extent of my access. In safe mode, I looked at the Event Viewer to see what the problem was and the log suggested that the boot-start/system start drivers failed to load (specifically drivers afd, avgldx86, avgmfx86, avgtdix, dmicall, fips, imagedrv, intelppm ipsec, mrxsmb, netbios, netbt, rasacd, rdbss, scdemu, sptd, tcpip). The research I have done on this error suggests a RAM/driver issue, but the thing is that I have not installed any hardware in years and the computer worked fine until a few days ago when I restarted it and the error showed. Specs: -Microsoft Windows XP SP2 -1.5 GHz -384 MB RAM (not much, but I have never had issues with it before) Any ideas on what I could do?
  3. Bluerose 99 Smithing Picture:[hide=][/hide] Enjoy.
  4. Good to see that students over there freak out just as much as they do in the states when it comes to getting into medical school haha.
  5. In no order, as well. Weeds House It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Californication Curb Your Enthusiasm I highly recommend Californication for those 18 and over. It just shows David Duchovny's versatility as an actor, and the plots from episode to episode are just so juicy.
  6. Hey Seek :) No, I don't play anymore because I was banned (long story, but something completely out of my hands), but I had retired before it happened anyway so it wasn't a tragedy to me. As for MSN, when the whole banned fiasco happened, all my computer data was wiped and so now I don't even have access to my email accounts because I never saved my passwords. I just kind of gave up on MSN after that.
  7. It's going good, Caz :) Always great hearing from you. I'm on summer break right now and working all the time, just waiting for school to start back up again. Say hi to Mx and Purcell from me. Hey Omar, of course I remember you. Still living in AZ? I hope life is treating you well.
  8. Yeah, Fletching has been around since the release of members, but I really didn't want to bother screening the entire highscores page. Speaking of Cooking though... [hide=Cooking][/hide][hide=99 Cooking][/hide]
  9. Around the beginning of August in 2003, I decided to take a few screenshots of the highscores page for five different skills: Overall, Fighting, Smithing, Crafting, and Herblaw. During this time, Runescape Classic was still the only version of the game, and I wanted to see how the highscores would change in the coming months or years, just out of curiosity. Apart from Prayer which did not have a single player at level 99, these five skills were some of the most difficult to train because they were time consuming, required a large cash flow, or both in some cases. For those of you not familiar, Herblaw refers to Herblore and Fighting refers to Hitpoints, both of which were renamed with the release of Runescape2. I thought it would be nice to post a five-year progression and comparison of each skill :) Enjoy. [hide=Overall 2003][/hide][hide=Overall 2008][/hide] [hide=Fighting 2003][/hide][hide=Fighting 2008][/hide] [hide=Smithing 2003][/hide][hide=Smithing 2008][/hide] [hide=Crafting 2003][/hide][hide=Crafting 2008][/hide] [hide=Herblaw 2003][/hide][hide=Herblaw 2008][/hide] [Edit] I thought I could add in a few more highscores pages I saved from long, long ago, but I never noted down the date, so it doesn't really play to the 5 year theme I had in mind :P My oldest Fighting highscores picture: [hide=Fighting][/hide] Screenshot when Zonghui made it first to 99hp: [hide=Zonghui First to 99][/hide] Screenshot when Everdred made it first to 99 Woodcutting (he was also first to achieve 99 in any skill): [hide=Everdred First to 99][/hide]
  10. While in college I do research in one of your laboratories on campus. However, when it's summertime, I do clinical research studies, working hand-in-hand with pharmaceutical companies to test non-FDA approved medications.
  11. Watch out everyone, the OP is racist! I'm not trying to turn the discussion in that way, but I'm just making an observation that I see pretty often and I don't see why we have to identify others in that manner. It seems bigoted.
  12. I don't understand why it was necessary to add "black guys" when describing the three people. I didn't see you say "white" or "black" when describing your neighbor, so why is it necessary to tag that on?
  13. Sixth place isn't bad I suppose, I'm a movie noober compared to the rest :P As for the scene from Blood Diamond with Connelly, I swear I just saw the DVD and I hurried to my room to post it but I saw that the contest was over! :cry: That's probably why no one got it before (not even in the 1st half of the contest) since it was in theatres still. I wonder how you got it beforehand :wink:
  14. Well for starters, where do you think the electricity to run the hybrid cars comes from? And bio-ethanol fuel is SO unefficient. The amount of conventional fuel needed (like Petrol, etc) to use the tractor to harvest the crop, to sort the crop, to transport the crop, to create the bio-ethanol fuel, to transport the fuel, etc, MASSIVELY outweighs the emissions nd whatnot you save by using it. thank you, i'm glad someone finally said it. and for people still confused, electric cars still need to be plugged into a wall outlet, and where does that come from? most likely a coal burning power plant. something not taken into account in the "emissions" of an electric/hybrid car. also, hydrogen fuel is still so ridiculously expensive to manufacture, it's nowhere near feasible yet. But what about the machinery, transport, etc. that it takes to extract and refine oil? I'm sure it's an easy argument to make against E85, but aren't we forgetting the amount of emissions coming from the production of oil.
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