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  1. I sincerely doubt it. Training it while also getting relevant exp in other skills, eg. slayer? Yes. For pure RC exp? Not a chance. Lagota's slayer log has too few kills to really flesh average effigies out like that.
  2. RC is 60k an hour. Agility is 100k an hour. Mining is 100k an hour, more than that if you do LRC superheat(considering the speed of the two other skills). RC is the best thing to use lamps on, no matter what. I'm fairly sure that if you aren't great at merchanting or are opposed to it it would be much more efficient to kill frost dragons/TD's for your RC xp(at around 40k xp an hour). Where are you gettin the xp/h rates? From his behind as usual. 65-70k at the barbarian course is reasonable. 50-55k at the living caverns is reasonable. He's factoring in pennace horn+time to fill it for both agi and mining, I believe. Either way, 55k on conc gold in LRC is slow as hell, even banking. Edit: get -> fill
  3. Mining really won't be a problem considering he superheats in LRC and drops bars.
  4. You can use a defender with CLS. Advantage is mute. Heretical idea? Definitely, since CLS must be used with shield is biblical law. So sayeth the tabulated data sheets which basis can not be questioned. I won't mention that CLS has a stab attack, I promise. :-# Rapier is faster and therefore benefits more from the bonuses of a defender. It scales better than a CLS. It's also worth mentioning that while attack bonuses keep increasing, boss defense remains the same, and rapier will keep gaining an edge on the current content in the game. I think that's what he was trying to get at. Not that you couldn't use a defender with a CLS.
  5. RC records are kind a joke now due to effigies. Monthlies are still fairly intact, but it's only a matter of time before someone burns through 300~ banked effigies, then casuals it for the rest of the month to the top.
  6. Summoning + a ton of SW zeal into strength, IIRC.
  7. Only great way to write the first article is with two authors. Racheya is clearly on one side of the fence, despite her purported neutrality, and incapable of fairly representing both sides.
  8. It's a namechange glitch. Someone changed their display name to a previously held (but now available one), then updated their runetracker profile. Their exp gains suddenly jumped from whatever the previous name holders were to the new name holders, aka a [cabbage]load of exp in a short amount of time. Happens every once in awhile, fake records get removed semi-frequently.
  9. Laws are inferior to abyssing deaths.
  10. I only do level 4's, and only for fun. They're rare enough that I don't spend 1-2 hours a day doing clues. I stopped doing level 3's maybe 6~ months ago.
  11. Abbys are fine for effigies. They're not exactly common drops. Camping for effigies is usually not a great thing to do, you'd want to combine them with something that generates decent money/exp. Considering you can't do TD's or frosts, I'd powerslay.
  12. I use one at waterfiends, dark beasts and black demons. Believe that's it.
  13. The line gets a bit blurred when you're 3 pouching. If you can bank fast enough, a lurker/parasite is still better. When 4 pouching, a lurker/parasite is always superior. Edit: I'm talking about familiar deposit, btw. A mousekeys jump of 2 menu choices allows you to both trigger the edge bank booth and your familiar deposit option. Edit 2: Wow, got pouches mixed up in my head. Yes, absolutely use a lurker/parasite.
  14. Outdated for what, exactly? Right from their introduction they weren't useful, outside of a handful of situations.
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