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  1. That way mousekeys would be illegal... What one is basically doing is REMAPPING mousekeys to a mouse lol... ironical EDIT: And btw, I think what that rule is trying to transmit is that it's not allowed to have software that generates input alone, but if there's human action it's ok. HOWEVER, I'm not saying, oh lets make something where I click one button and it does a [cabbage]-load of actions. No, if you keep it to one input one output it should be ok.. Of course it doesn't make mousekeys illegal. When clicking your mouse, you generate the click. This means - as you state - that it's illegal to have software that generates clicks thus making it an automation tool. It is actually very clear.
  2. "Software that generates input to our game applets. This includes software that automatically moves the mouse pointer or generates mouse clicks or key presses."
  3. The key word is "automatically" - not "software".
  4. I'm really struggling with the herblore stones. I haven't gotten one yet. Jeez!
  5. Sorry, but this made me lol irl! Poor Jagex! They can't do anything without all of us screaming "new skill"..... Back OT, this probably does point to an integration of new friends management servers... But I can't wait to learn all the other things we'll be chatting about :) It's the big cooking apple update. I hope.
  6. For me the fire cape requirement is motivating. I have 93 slayer but no cape. I have checked out the caves a couple of times. Went to Jad during the Karamja achievement diary. But it might have been one of those things I'd never get done. Now I have an incentive to get the cape. I don't boss hunt much and don't pk, so it will definitely be a big challenge for me.
  7. Runescape ending, ha ha, that'll be the day bats fly!
  8. The fact that she stat spys on players with high slayer level points in the direction of a guild. IMO.
  9. Have to disagree with this point. Before the g/e most players had to mine their own ore e.tc. then there came "Rich" players to buy ressources to gain levels without having to go through the tedious "grind" for them. and merchants to buy from a supplier and deliver to buyers. I believe with the g/e the incentive for "farming" raw materials have dissapeared (appart from selected goods) and so we will see a lower supply for some items ad that makes price rise. So you agree.
  10. Thanks, finally I got it right. That's all for now. Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish.
  11. Thx both of you. I have spoken to Eluned and she just offers to enchant my crystal to Lletya as usual. The crystals has no extra option to tele. There must be something that I need to do. Gonna keep trying.
  12. Thx for the reply. You start the quest by speaking to Arianwyn, but he doesn't mention anything about the new tele option. Is it someone else?
  13. Does it give you a choice when you click 'teleport'? Because I like going to the village for the fruit tree. It gives you a choice of either spot. :grin: I can't get Eluned to enchant my crystal to go to dark beasts after the quest. What do I need to do?
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