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  1. In the first place, I do not believe it would be classified as first degree murder, but rather second or third degree murder due to the provocation he provided to her, I don't believe she just thought it out to the point where she knew she was going to set him on fire and kill him. I can tell you've never worked in a prison before, but I have, and I'm currently employed at one. EVEN prisoners classify crimes in different categories and a rapist and/or child molester is going to get his butt kicked before the murderer/serial killer.
  2. I honestly couldn't blame her for doing it .The son of a [bleep] rapes her daughter and goes to prison (I'm sure the prisons in Spain are just as laid-back as the ones in the U.S.) then he gets out for a little while and acts like a complete idiot. Eye for an Eye o.0
  3. Hey all, I've been looking into getting my hunting level to 80 from 70 and I was wondering what the best way is? I haven't trained hunter since about a month after it came out, so I'm not absolutely familiar with the skill. Much help is appreciated, thanks!
  4. He is annoying from what I've dealt with him, but I've found out that when he start laying those things on the floor run around the barrels and try to hide till he gets through..But you will still take lots of damage too
  5. Marijuana or as it is more elegantly put Cannabis Sativa, on the other hand is probably no more dangerous than alcohol. If it is used in moderation it can provide medical benefits and it's not physically addictive. Marijuana is being used, or could be used in the future, to alleviate glaucoma, nausea and loss of appetite, anxiety, muscle pain, and tinnitus. The use of this plant produces a relaxed, euphoric, stress-relieving effect, and stress has been proved to be one of the leading causes of poor health in America. Really, marijuana is probably the only (Currently Illegal, well in most places) drug "I" could find justifiable being legalized.
  6. I went on the Dung Smith chat Sunday to get them to smith something, it took about a hour and a half, but Andi came on and asked if anyone needed anything and within 15 minutes he had our weapons and armor made. I guess it's just the time you get on, but the other ranks were kinda rude though...
  7. I've been doing large dungeons with 5 people on w117 and only been getting like 13k-14k xp per dungeon and they take a hour..Anyone got any tips on how to get more xp or is that average at my lvl? Btw: I've done floor 26-30 5:5.
  8. About the only thing you probably can do is take it apart and let it dry a "few" days or just buy a USB keyboard. You will probably have better luck with buying the new keyboard though.
  9. They are 768 GP High Alched
  10. Alright I will do that. Thanks for all the help
  11. Hey, I'm currently 63 dungeoneering and I've been trying to solo till about 70. I'm currently doing all but my last 5-6 dungeons c1's and doing my last 5-6 c6 meds. I was just wondering if that is the best way to go about getting xp? Also what lvl do you start getting good xp? Thanks.
  12. Wow, that sounds good, so I'm gonna have to go look into those, thanks.
  13. I've been trying to get 80+ in all stats. I'm a little stumped about thieving, I don't seem to get as good xp per hour as most people black-jacking and thieving as most people.
  14. Hey all, I need some advice on what skill/skills to train and how to get them up. I just can't seem to get to figure anything how to do..I've been wandering around runescape doing various thing for the past month and can't decide what to train. BTW, my stats are in the sig. Much help appreciated, thanks! Edit: I've only got like 13m to work with lol
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