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  1. Yea, I just figured that out myself.. :<
  2. Hmm, that 350k seems very interesting... Thanks!
  3. Yo, Because I really can't stand fishing the conventional way to 80 fishing, I'm investigating other options. One of those is Fishing Trawler. My question is what the exp/hour rates are and if there is a special group or world to do it. Thanks!
  4. Games necklace now has a burgh de rott option!
  5. Aw man, that sucks. For next time, it might be better to set the date after some people have replied to your post ;)
  6. is wondering why he has over 11k profile views..

  7. Time to work on my horrid total now :) Grats noob :)
  8. is wondering why he has over 10k profile views :o

  9. Xecer

    Super Meat Boy

    I believe there was a flash game prior to this game :D You should go and search/play it ;)
  10. My cat when she was a few months old, she is now a year old :) Funny thing about this cat is that she walks along with me when I am walking our dog :D Pretty cool <3:
  11. Xecer

    New goals

    Since I have the attention span of a shrimp, I already set some new goals... I wanted to get 99 magic through string jewellery, but I deemed that too boring for my taste :D So yea, I'm getting 85 dungeoneering now! :Why?" you may ask, .... well, I still want 99 magic. So I figured that fire surging frost dragons would be nice exp, and it would get me 99 prayer as well! ...so that's what I will be doing...
  12. [hide]Isn't it them 2 books with 50k Xp in?[/hide] hmm, what about the [hide] nvm [/hide]?
  13. Anyone else don't get the stated reward but something else? [hide]No book of equilibrium here...[/hide]
  14. I think the rewards are pretty good, since 1 def pures can't do the quest :)
  15. Nice, I have all the reqs :D I'm kinda excited for this ;)
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYa4Ua9nhak&feature=sub Wow.
  17. 20 days, an amazing 0.7 kdr and I never make homework (I do that at the university). Yea... Kinda lame kdr, since I barely score negative nowadays.. My noobtimes killed it..
  18. I will complete my sky tunnel. -wants to join-
  19. Excuse the double post, but do we have a special tip.it server :D?
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