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  1. Zomg so close lol, srry I haven't been on recently, taking a little break, but WOW, ur almost at 99 lol. Only 2 more lvls before u can brag and show off ur skill cape =P Xx Stabby Xx
  2. Wow, lvl 83 mining! I remember when I first learned that you planned on getting 99 mining, back when you were lvl 68. And now ur lvl 83, and it sure took u a lot less time then I thought. Keep up the great work, at this time u'll be lvl 99 in no time! \
  3. Aww man, srry to hear you lost 9m. That's alot =o I'm sure you'll make it back though, and I'll lend you some money if you want
  4. hehe, my name was in the chat in every single 1 of those shots. xx stabby xx ftw
  5. Good luck on getting all of those skills up! I hope I can make it, I'm sure it'll be a huge day for you! RSN: Xx Stabby Xx
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