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  1. Name: Aj Quote/Stat: none, just my name well. i really have no idea what i want. i dont want something runescape related. but ... i dont know what i want. just... i love cartoon sigs :) help :(
  2. do it, even the mods are. i see bulk 126's around too.
  3. world 66 is always going off haha. Thats where i spend my playing time. in fally. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ hehe :D
  4. Brilliant idea! iv heard of it done, don't know how tho hahahaha.
  5. Some people have bulk accounts, less people would be bothered to lvl so many account to say lvl 15. Less bots, easier to catch.
  6. Once again, i spit on you.
  7. Jagex make millions of dollars every year from us members. [cabbage]e they cant afford better programmers!
  8. Please don't post protests worlds here, Tip it does not support the act of protesting. ~ Shaz
  9. Shut up purfish, you are actually such a loser. here you go fairness. even if it is in the wrong forum...
  10. "Noob" isn't a level, or how long you've played, it's an attitude. An attitude I'm afraid that you, sir, have. Actually, i would call it a level of experience?
  11. i swear your retarted mate, real world trading definatedly has not stopped. My friend did he research and showed me that a 'used to be gold selling site' now sells the gold on accounts. For example "$49;95 for - Lvl 50 Combat, 30/60/20 with 1 Mil gp." RWT hasn't stopped. It just changes with the updates. Come January, how will people RWT? If anything, you are "retarted". Did i not just explain? Let me refresh your memory. - A person BUYS the account online, WITH the cash. - Then they LOG (take note of the LOG) onto the account and start playing. Isn't that Real World Trading? Or am i missing something? That's one form of RWT'ing, yes. But would everyone want to abandon their account to get a new one with money on it? Am i right in saying that mostly noobs (lvls 3 - 60) buy gold. Any higher lvl could easily make the money. The sellers would provide accounts of all lvls i am guessing.
  12. you were reffering to me as a 'noob', when you asked if i had come straight from miniclip.
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