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  1. I actually had a sara plate clue today, and haven't had a clue worth less than 100k in a very long time. It just depends on luck. One thing that I noticed is that higher leveled monster tend to produce better clues. (Though I might just be imagining things ;) )
  2. Zomg :shock: Pweez don't forget to tell me when you're close, wouldn't want to miss it :)
  3. Now that I'm back temporarily ? I might as well make myself useful so... Bumpeh :thumbsup:
  4. Just in time (I hope) Forum name: Richpoepaap Runescape name: Richpoepaap http://img371.imageshack.us/my.php?imag ... aaplg7.png
  5. Saved from the depths of page 3 once more. We need some updates Vey, srsly.
  6. Boris: between varrock and the wildy, close to the pub.
  7. I'm fluent in Dutch (native language) and English and I can speak a fair bit of French and a little German. I took Spanish courses, but didn't stick to it. I also study Latin and (ancient) Greek, but that's translating only.
  8. Two good articles. Well done to both authors :) I can't really say anything about the first subject since I'm not really a pvper. The second one I can relate to. I used to hang out in w99 a bit and I miss it too :(
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