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  1. 200k from 98 if it was a skill :P used to be a very fun game, now not so much. Interesting read though and nice to think im almost maxed in another skill haha
  2. i think that i am pretty fortunate to get the name that i have kuumar i get tons of people everyday that ask me where is harold haha always respond..fally white castle!
  3. first day playing runescape in the chicken pen in lumbridge still friends with him like 3 years later :)
  4. i think i am going to try this change my scenery on range training a little bit thanks for posting this i think its pretty good
  5. a teacher at my school in like 7th grade took our class to the computer lab and showed us runescape haha been playing eversince and my teacher still plays and is better than me
  6. wow thats a great accomplishment i sure wish i had 91 lol
  7. i have seen that guy too
  8. cool party grats on 122 i got 2 rune large helms the whip was right beside me and i clicked past it :(
  9. i am new to these forums and getting 10 mil gp would be a nice start to a great community so i have heard. My runescape carrer has been pretty dull. I was f2p till lvl 93 and became member at 93. I have had trouble gaining money because i cannot play as much as i would like with my busy real life schedual. I am going to Italy in march for a soccer tournament if that explains any part of the business. In real life i am over looked because my brother is popular person in the school, not many people know me because i recently moved to a new school. I have been hacked and almost quit because i did not think that i would be able to pick my self up again to revive my account. but i worked hard with the time given and picked my self up, still no money though :? well, good luck in choosing who will win the 10 mil. rsn: kuumar
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