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  1. U.S. to Host World Press Freedom Day in 2011 http://www.state.gov/r/pa/prs/ps/2010/12/152465.htm December 7, 2010 Does anyone else find this painfully ironic?
  2. Future Foe Scenarios, by Silversun Pickups. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_JU1OD-OLU
  3. Looks like another DDoS against the RIAA is planned for Oct 29th as retribution for the very recent shutting down of Limewire. What's really sickening is that it looks like they are also planning personal attacks on the CEO of the RIAA and his wife. http://images.4chan.org/new/src/1288244644293.png
  4. Congrats! I too took a similar length of break and just started playing again a few weeks ago too. Good luck with 99rc. There's certainly a lot less incentive to get that high than there used to be.
  5. I'm currently training hunter at ruby harvests, and these are the rates I'm getting on a full world with the fastest spawn rate possible. Ty for confirming, thank-you everyone for the help. And make sure to use arctic bears. They help a ton!
  6. I'm currently training hunter at ruby harvests, and these are the rates I'm getting on a full world with the fastest spawn rate possible. Edit: 82 hunter with arctic bear.
  7. With my stats, prosylete, and soul wars cape, I turmoil 220+ greater demons with about 15/16 doses of normal prayer pots at 99 prayer. And piety's drain rate with no prayer bonus is 1.5 seconds/point, while turmoil's is 2.0 seconds/point.
  8. I'm on the list, but my stats are extremely out of date and I'm not sure how to update them. RuneScape Name: Mikehild P2P Thanks!
  9. I cringe when I see a fletching cape because the color scheme just looks bad to me. Cooking cape doesn't look half bad though.
  10. This update has caused a huge speed up for my game. Used to have to have my settings around the mid range, now I can have everything on, including x4 AA, and be at 50 fps in most areas. Edit: My laptop also doesn't get anywhere near as warm as it used to before the update.
  11. It must be a standard karamjan monkey. You can kill them around brimhaven for their corpses.
  12. I don't see why you couldn't. I've been able to stew for other elite tasks.
  13. Sounds good! It's kinda hard to use mousekeys when you don't have a numpad and have to work on a condensed laptop keyboard. Check out autohotkey. I use it whenever I need to remap keys for games or to make handy shortcuts for everyday use. As far as I know, you can map multiple keys to do the same thing (ex: a=x, b=x, c=x; so when you hit any of a, b, or c, you'll get x instead). It would be a violation of the rules though if you were to cause more than one action for one keystroke though.
  14. I'm wondering if I can use autohotkey (a program that remaps keys and mouse movements to other keys) to accomplish tasks that mousekeys would normally be used for. It does the exact same thing as using mousekeys. Nothing would be automated as the name 'auto'hotkey might suggest. I would gain no advantage over anyone using standard mousekeys.
  15. Does the ferocious ring add on 40 damage for every knife/dart thrown? If so, that extra damage could stack up really quickly considering the speed of which they're used.
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