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  1. I just wanted to bump my topic now that a clan chat is out... I also wanted to point out all the similarities... like hte tab, for instance. Anyways, I quit runescape a long time ago, which is why I havent updated this... Sorry folks, best of luck. -chewchewbarz
  2. thanks everyone for your support Ive been busy IRL and I havent had much time to update this... I'll get back to it as soon as possible
  3. ohhhh... what about me?! what about clans?! Fine I see how it is......................... lol j/k :D
  4. 1) It has been lowered to 5 people, and your clan will only be deleted if your member count drops below 5... So that means, if you have one of each rank, includinging yourself, your clan will not disband. And if you are that worried about it, then you should pick a good Co-Leader and leave them in complete control while you are gone 2) I dont understand what you are saying here about "Fines" Please explain more.... 3) I do not believe that I have contridicted myself, I just think you misunderstood. You can only be in ONE clan at a time, in order to join another you must QUIT your current one. Only while you are not in a clan can you start/join a new one. There is no limit to the number of clans you can start, join, quit, ect. 4) I guess that would be possible, but you keep wanting more options than it seems we have room for. C'mon, think Jarko, be realistic. One of the greatest parts of Runescape is its simplicity. If you want to make a thousand clan options and hid them all in 50 seperate tabs, be my guest. If you want to suggest something, please think about it before you decide to slam it in my face. *whew* I feel better... Now, since you seem to think we need more options, where would we put them? I am not disagree-ing with you, some of these options would be nice, we just dont have room for so many things 5) You're talking about adding more ranks here. How would you be able to tell the difference between a First Officer and Second? Once again, you're making this too complex 6) A merge option? Im a little unsure of what you're asking here... but if you're talking about an option to have 3/4s of a clan automatically quit the clan then automatically join a new one, thats... once again ANOTHER option... Where would we put this and how would it work? 7) The point of this is? Buying new armour and team capes? Most people dont need armour seeing as they buy/make their own and clans dont need team capes because they already have the mini-map coloring and fixed attack options. Would there be new weapons/armour? If so, what would they be? Would they be very powerful? Where would this guild be located? I need more information.... 8) A clan based quest? Im no good at making quests, the only thing that I can think of is something like a Blast Furnace where it takes a certain number of people with a certain skill levels to fix/work a machine. I am really picky about what is added to the main post, and it would be easier to think about your suggestions if you didnt post them in one big post. I would be able to spend more time thinking individually about each one and coming up for ideas about them instead of getting frustrated and then dismissing each one. Please, add more detail to the ideas/upgrades that you post. I get really frustrated having to read through all that. Finally, I like the options you've posted the most, but there isnt much of a place to put them. So, please, next time you post, where would we put these options?
  5. Yes, everything except the arena would be f2p accessable
  6. I dont quite understand the question but I'll take a shot at it In the wild, attacking a clan-mate would no longer be a "left-click" option. You would still be able to attack the people in your clan, it would just be harder to do it And if you mean, the options in the "right-click" menu are purple if they in your clan, it is not currently like that, but, I like this idea and I will try to integrate it into my main post Thanks! ~Chew
  7. I like the split/unsplit clan chat. I am thinking the regular chat would display both clan (in a deep green or purple) and regular messages and then the clan tab will still be clan tab for clan messages only. Then there would be an option to take out the clan messages from the regular or "main" tab Has anyone ever played Halo2 on xbox live or World of Warcraft? Finding an unused, decent clan/guild name is near impossible and I am sick of making clan/guild names in 1337 speak... I am sorry if this discourages some people from supporting this topic, but its dumb, and Runescape doesnt have the memory to be supporting a thousand, 1 player only clans. I GUESS it would be sensible to lower the minimum amount of players in a clan to five, considering that is the minimum amount that can enter the Clan Arena, and other than that, if its just friends, there is no reason to make a clan
  8. Well thought and decent pictures, but if I understand right, you're wanting to take RS combat out of real time, and make it into a turn-based combat system? Well... that would completely ruin runescape. First there would be no more clans because how could you team-pk? A lot of monster specials would be voided All of the weapon speeds would be negated, making a d2h the best weapon in the game Would it be for PvP only? In my opinion, this is a bad bad bad bad bad bad idea. Im sorry if you think Im flaming, its just, part of what makes runescape fun is the combat system. With this, I am positive, Runescape would die
  9. lol.... I know, but I couldnt come up with anything else... Any suggestions?
  10. lol... what'd you do? google me? Sheesh... just cant seem to get away from that game... My playing times are fairly sporadic.... I should be on tomorrow, December 10th, at around noonish
  11. Woot! Go me... do a dance... its ma birthday... Thanks again Inferno!
  12. And the point of that is? I could understand giving everyone a 'title' in clan chat, such as when the leader speaks it would show "(L)Chewchewbarz: Hi there everyone" Or maybe different colors for the rankings. The leader would be Green, co-leader would be a dark blue, the officers would be red, and members and peons would be blue... but I still dont see the point of displaying lvl... If they were recruited to the clan, then the upper ranks must at least have an idea of what their lvl is. If you explain a little more and come up with a way to include it, then I might add it into the main post 1. The one week rule is in place to stop a single person sitting in a clan and not being able to do anything, just to own the clan name. Im not completely for this idea either, but there HAS to be a way for JaGex to automatically disband a clan that people arent using. 2. If you go off and start a clan, then you should probably already have a few members to recruit. You should take donations from them to pay for the starting clan fee. There is a cost on renaming clans to stop people from doing it every day, it would be too expensive to keep doing it over and over and over. 3. There will definitly be a max number of people in a clan. I think in my main post I said that, but I would not speculate on numbers because that would be completely up to JaGex. Although I dont quite understand what you are saying here... You can only be in one clan at a time, and after you quit, you can go join another clan. There is no limit on how many clans you can quit, join, or make. 4. Oh well :D And it makes me feel special you registered just to post in mine :D
  13. First off, w00tz0rz!! Sorry, had to get that out :D In response to your post, 1a. Renaming a Clan: To rename the clan the leader would have to pay another fee, such as the same amount of 50k that was used to start the clan. Sound ok? 1b. Disband a Clan: Any ideas on where to put this new option? 1c. Pass on Leadership: I may not have talked about it, but when a leader tries to quit, there will be a pop up telling him he needs to pick an Officer to take over. After the officer is chosen he will quit, and the officer will be the new leader. 2. Co-Leader: I like this idea... I will edit the main post soon (I type things out in Word first, then update main) 3. Officers: Im pretty sure I said that in my main post, it just wasnt clear. When I go back to add Co-Leaders, I will try to make this clearer 4. Fee: When I made the dynamic fee, I had lower levels in mind, such as pures. But now that I think about it, if they are pures, then they probably have a main, then they can probably gather 50k to pay for a clan. 5. Ten Day Rule: In my opinion, it needs to be there. Runescape is a high-traffic game. A lot of people quit and a lot of people join a day. If there is only one person in a clan hogging the name then that wont be fair to everyone else that might want to use that name Thanks a ton Inferno, I will be updating soon ~Chew
  14. if you didnt understand, then you didnt read thru it very well The lock feature 'locks' an item in place, so even if all of the item is withdrawn, a picture with a count of '0' will be holding that place, so even if you have none of that item left in your bank, the spot will be reserved. I think the lock feature, just in its self would be a great update to our current banks
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