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  1. They are intentionally dictating items values based on the GEs figures which is just plain wrong. As a retired veteran player, it doesnt make me want to come back to the game.
  2. Well well, I'm glad I retired now. What are they doing to this once beautiful game?! As a player I could never have cared less about the whole real world trading and bots thing, it was an aspect that never greatly affected how I played. In some ways they did help, everyone loved the cheap rune essence you could get in a f2p world before that went. I respect Jagex trying to protect their IP but at the cost of thousands of valued players and subscribers leaving? They have totally alienated a massive amount of customers with some of this stuff. Personally I couldnt care less about the wilderness changes, I never really found interest in PKing in the first place, but for them to decide what is and isnt a balanced trade and restricting that is just wrong. Sure it might get rid of RWTs and beggers but it no means you can no longer loan a lower level friend some cash or help out a player who is down on his luck. Lets face it, 3k doesnt go far. Another thing is the assist system. They removed Fishing, Hunter, Mining & Woodcutting because if a player was willing to give up their time to help someone gain raw materials they would of obtained them and given them in the first place. But how can the higher leveled player now give items with this new system in place? Confused? I sure am.
  3. Personally i dont trust fansites for prices because they can be way off the actual price. (such as another leading fansite, you know the one)
  4. Ok here's the thing I've been training herblore for quite some time but I haven't sold any potions in at least a year so I dont know any current prices. So now I've built up a health selection of potions in my bank. Sanfew Serum(3) - 27 Super Antipoison(3) - 518 Antidote+(4) - 13 Super Energy(3) - 248 Super Attack(3) - 505 Super Strength(3) - 516 Super Defence(3) - 380 Super Restore(3) - 252 Prayer(3) - 248 Energy(3) - 500 Fishing(3) - 300 Agility(3) - 600 Hunter(3) - 23 Antifire(3) - 271 Weapon Poison - 100 Would anyone like to tell me a calculated estimate for them? Thanks in advance.
  5. I've been really busy lately and haven't had time to check on this. I've had a play with the layout for RuneBong (which will be hosting this vid when its done) but I still need to do a lot of work on it. The file upload system is annoying.
  6. I've never played Trouble Brewing, so I have no room to comment on that but I straight out dont agree with the other points you brought up. Castle wars is fine as it is, the other point about it that annoys me most is teams holding their own flag. Now for Sq'irk juice, I think that the reward is the 2nd best thieving xp in runescape(for the summer garden), after Pyramid Plunder. However they have lowered the rate of getting higher level herbs since release which is the most disappointing thing about it. Other than that, its a great mini-game and I recommend it to anyone who wants a change from Pyramid Plunder.
  7. TBH, I pretty much dont speak to anyone who follows me and asks me for things. I never did it at level 30 and below so I dont see why others have the right to do it to me now. A couple of days ago a level 99 started following me (I'm only level 100), I told him to go away but even though he is only level 99 he still decided to throw abuse at me because I wouldn't help him, and because I was higher level. I have my own game to play, not someone elses! If they need help, they have Tip.It which I've done my part in improving, and is why I dont help that many people in-game. Seems fair doesn't it? When I was only low level, I used fansites for help. I didn't wander around begging for free stuff or followed higher levels for practically nothing! I have many low level friends that I met years ago and I give them advice because I've known them for so long. But dont think that just because a higher level you ask a question is a snob, its because they dont know you. You wouldn't ask a person in the street in real life on how to make some quick cash so why do people expect anything different on RuneScape. Okay, I've had my little rant about low levels discriminating against high levels. I disagree with your suggestion about hiding combat level, I just think people need to realise that higher level players are not there for their assistance. People have to help themselves, which is what it's like in the real world. Once you reach level 100+ you will realise what a pain it is to have others follow you, beg from you, or constantly ask how you make your money(which is why I sold my full drag).
  8. Vlad that post was 17 months old lol. It was just a left over sub so its been removed now.
  9. You know there is a perfectly good Holiday/Rare items guide here on Tip.It which will answer all of your questions: http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=rare_items.htm
  10. close hi alch 19.2k people have started hi alching rune picks? when did this happen? :-s I started about a year and a half ago when I did Between a Rock quest. The reward for it is a Rune pickaxe \ that could have started the price drop.
  11. I agree, I always saw death on RuneScape as a punishment for stupidity.
  12. I'm sorry but this just made me lol. How the hell did you get scammed in your own house? I can sort of guess what you guys are talking about but what you are saying is very vague so I'm not quite sure. Even so, there is no point in just saying POH's are unsafe in general.
  13. Route 2 and 3 look right but I've personally had 4 events on route 1. I've had the 666 Essence reward for a strong char on route 3 with 2 combat events and 1 non-combat.
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