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  2. The day that GP can be bought in Real life will be the day that I stop playing runescape. I work hard for every GP I earn, and it wouldnt sit well \ with me when Mr Rich turns around and buy's himself levels with his 'real' money. Also, pretty, I am sure your children are very good players, but most under 13's that do play RS are clearly nowhere as mature as yours. Personally the part of runescape I enjoy the least is the amount of children tha really are not maure enough to interact with other people that still play RS.
  3. I got a Legends quest clue, I hadnt started it at the time, and I was only 30 agility. After a week's hard work I completed all the pre-req quests for legends and had completed the clue, only to get a rune h3 helm #-o
  4. If you have a good slayer lvl then range Jellies, they drop clues very frequently
  5. if you have the slayer level then jellies are the best bet, I have had a few tasks (around 120) from them that I have been getting clues every 40 or so kills.... I dont do lvl 1 or 2 clues though
  6. Fixed, I think the "home" teleport he refers to is the no runes requried spell (the free one to lumby), that IS interupted by combat.
  7. Very ambitious goals, I wish you the best of luck with them. However I must say that I doubt you have any chance of completeing the slayer goal, slayer is a fun but slow skill to train and that is 90k(approx) of slayer xp to get.... :ohnoes:
  8. the problem with co-operation is : A) there is ALWAYS going to a noob or group of noobs who will wreck a game by trying to reap the reward without doing the work, a good example being noobs who sit at the castle wars energy barrier and run through it every time attack.... stand and fight idiots :x B) there is always a scammer who will take advantage of noobs C) co-operation means that to play it you will need a reasnoabley full world, or a clan or a dedicated world to play it, a co-operative game is no fun on your own. And with runescape there are times where all but the most popular of mini games are almost empty (depending on the nightime in large population bases like america) this makes games that are funa as a team booring.
  9. Certainly a good article, and i can definitely relate to the removal of money from runescape as a result of construction. to get my construction to 25 i have spent over 200k so far (and if i had more mnoney to spare i would have spent more) and at this rate its not going to get any cheaper. still a very good introduction to the game that will no doubt be extremely popular :wink:
  10. The one problem i can find with the idea of offical worlds is that on the popular worlds (law running, pest controll, trading) lag is greatly increased. I already find it hard enough to go on a world that is not my local area server without having massive amounts of lag, and surely this would only increase with more people on specific worlds?
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