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  1. What's so bad about making these rich kids mad? I WANT to see them cry if they get banned for buying gp or are unable to do so anymore :twisted: Serves 'em right. And also, if they quit or get banned, there's less demand for gp in exchange for real life money, so there will be less gold farmers. :thumbsup:
  2. What about weapon trees? This is incorporated in games like Monster Hunter. Basically, a weapon can be upgraded to higher attack power by handing it to a shop with the materials and money required to upgrade it. Sometimes it can only be upgraded once, whereas some weapons can have 4 or 5 different upgrades. So even though there is a set path weapons can be upgraded along, hundreds of weapons can be included in the game.
  3. Hi, I'm starting a blog of my straight run to level 99 mining...by mining coal in the Mining Guild. I started on 14/02/07 at level 60. I'll update daily and post a level up message every 5 levels, till I get to level 90. Feel free to post! 14/02/07- Started mining. 15/02/07- Reached mining level 61. 16/02/07- Got attacked by level 120 rock golem and had 3 hp left by the end \
  4. My Favourites are: Trivium- Detonation Trivium- Ignition DragonForce- Through the Fire and the Flames : Lostprophets- Everybody's Screaming!!!
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