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  1. When I start summoning it will cost me somehwere in the region of 0gp. I will train it the same way as any other skill by gathering all the required resources myself (raising other skills at the same time). It may take me quite a while to reach 99, but it will have cost me 0gp.
  2. brave

    Fletching Rant

    Yet another rant from a whining fletcher who now has to actually work to make money. The best thing to do with bows you make is, as someone prviously said, to alch them yourself. Even better if you craft your own nats, then you are raising 3 skills at the same time.
  3. Like WOW where their legal :roll: They are NOT legal in WoW, or any other MMORPG for that matter. It's just that the makers of WoW appear not to be as concerned about their game as Jagex.
  4. brave

    a rant about macroer?

    There will always be people who macro for their own benefit not for RWT.
  5. Something you have made using other skills - pure profit!!!!
  6. When will people get it into their thick skulls that the auoters/gold farmers are not the cause of the RWT problem, but the effect? The only reason the autoers/goldfarmers existed was to support the RWTer's. If Jagex has taken the course to remove skills currently autoed then the autoers/gold farmers would simply have moved to other skills. RWT would still have continued. The only way Jagex could get rid of autoer's/gold farmers is by cutting off the methods the RWT's used to pass the gold onto their customers. Like it, or not, one of the easiest ways to do this was via PKing, which is the main reason PKing and the wilderness HAD to change. Although I do not agree with what Jagex has done, as it has removed one of the "unique" features of RuneScape, I can see the logic in doing what they did.
  7. I am fed up with people saying that Jagex are trying to fix prices using the GE. They are NOT. As I said previously the main reason prices in the GE are not "realistic" is that people are not using the GE. Once the 3K limit trading comes into place then, basically, players will no option but to use the GE. It will be at that point where the GE starts to work as Jagex have designed it.
  8. This website advertising is nothing new, but when all the new updates are finally implemented these will be greatly reduced as the RWTer's won't be able to operate very effectively. Also, a lot of these are scams to enable the "advertiser" to keylog your PC and steal your password. Once they have your password the account is theirs to sell to the highest bidder. The best way to deal with these is to report them - advertising is an instant ban on RS with no appeal (as some people have found out to their cost when advertising this forum).
  9. The reason that GE prices are not reflecting "real" prices is that most people are still trading Yew longs outside the GE. Now, from my observations of the GE it appears that the GE prices are adjusted daily on item selling in the GE only. Thus if no-one sells Yew longs through the GE then the price in the GE will never reflect the "real" price. However, this should change when the new rules come into force next month which will force people to use the GE. This also applies to lots of other items that do not reflect "real" proces. IMO the best way for you to get the GE to reflect "real" prices is to use it for ALL trading. You may take a loss for a while, but eventually the prices will stabalise at around the "real" price.
  10. I'm not afraid of them. Just wary until I find an effective combination of armour/potions to defend myself from them. I have encountered 2 so far, whilst doing clues, both times they killed me by freezing me, poisoning me and then hitting me with 30+ magic and range blasts. I have 89 defence and 91 hitpoints and they rapidly despatched me to my grave. :lol:
  11. +1 Merchanting has not died - just changed.
  12. I'm with LCool. I never train new skills until at least a month after the release. This gives me a chance to train some of my other skills like Hunting as the training spots are always soooo empty.
  13. I like the suggestion about un-noting NPC's. Lets have one at every altar - RC skill cape here I come =D>
  14. /sarcasm - and there goes a pig flying past my window /sarcasm Do you really beleive this? :wall: - they DESTROYED pking and duel arena (which also had dedicated worlds) and yet you think they will save your minor law running :wall: Face it - Law running looks like its dead. Law running may be minor to you, but to others it could be very important. I never used any running at all, but I bet jagex will find a way to make it work (maybe). OK - its not minor to some people. BUT the point I am trying to make is that if they effectively destroyed official parts of RS, ie. PKing, then they would see nothing wrong in destroying something that is not an offical part of RS. The only reason there is a Law running world is that the players created one, and Jagex just added it to their list.
  15. /sarcasm - and there goes a pig flying past my window /sarcasm Do you really beleive this? :wall: - they DESTROYED pking and duel arena (which also had dedicated worlds) and yet you think they will save your minor law running :wall: Face it - Law running looks like its dead.
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