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  1. Get sick of grinding on WoW. When i do play its for the different PvP aspects and such. But the fact remains, WoW owns runescape so bad its not funny.
  2. Excuse my double post :oops:
  3. Perfect for one reason, banking lobs, another incentive put forward by Jagex for you to become P2P? Catherbry. haha
  4. Looks bad imho. Levels too small, question marks look queer.
  5. All your burnt lobs from donations? Do you do anything other than advertise on forums to get burnt lobs? You buy any? And when i said its unoriginal i was reffering to the collecting of burnt food in general e.g. zoid of course.. and hammers, bronze picks, cabbages etc
  6. Yeah maybe they prefer wearing firecape...more of an achievment :roll:
  7. affliction changes there world like every 4 hours, its horrible. and most 120+ use #zps which owns rly bad. Must be an old picture because aka rachel is lvl 115, saw her/him yesterday
  8. PK clans are unoriginal? Stupid statement tbh.
  9. I see what you mean, if anyones ever played Dark Alliance the lighting on that game is brilliant in the many caverns and such. I dont think this should apply in houses because they would generally be lit by the sun assuming they have windows and its always daytime in runescape but the lumbridge celler looks very good how you edited it.
  10. Well you guessed coorectly about a new skill and got the name is well..smart boy.
  11. The chatbox goes over the last 2 lines of a tradescreen, tradescreen requires space for a full inventory (28 spaces) and you probably couldnt fit the chatbox in even if you extended the tradescreen due too the lack of space in the RS screen and the size of RS items.. if you understand that? :?
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