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  1. Anyone who likes runescape should want to complete these 10 things before they quit. This is kind of like the 10 things to do before your 30 or 10 things to do before you die. It is not made so that 1 is the best thing this is just a list. It is also intended for f2p's but obviuosly p2p's can do it. 1.Make at least 100k 2.Complete all quests 3.Be Combat Level 60+ 4.Attend a TET event (lol) 5.Wear Rune Armour or Dragon Armour 6.Be able to mine mith ore 7.Be able to cut down Willow Trees 8.Be able to fish for Lobsters 9.Get 43 Prayer 10.Go right to the back of the Wilderness Tell what you think and what you've achieved.
  2. Carellar strode through the monastery ready to give his report to his Master. He found him in his quarters performing his daily ritual of drinking an innocent's blood. It was the only thing that (combined with his evil powers) kept him alive in his old age. He had recently celebrated his 478th birthday party where many of his colleagues got drunk on wine of Zamorak. 'Your Mission, Carellar, how did it go?' he said. 'The sound portals are set and concealed,' Carellar replied. 'And what of the guards?' 'Dead, their throats are slit.' 'Good, very good. You may adjourned your day's work. Rest well, there is a meeting tomorrow that shall interest you.' Carellar walked swiftly away. He still felt pleasure inside himself at how well his task had ended. He still tingled at his fingetips when he thought of when he effortlessly had jumped over the wall. Crept behind the guards, killing each one before sweeping into the shadows. Then crafting his evil magic into a soundportal, anything said by the Saraomin scum his order would hear, and very well hidden the portals were too. Carellar had reached his own room and he lay down in his bed. He said his prayers to Zamorak and fell asleep, still pleased with himself. The next day came quickly and Carellar was climbing out of bed readying himself for the meeting. A horn blew out across the monastery calling him and the other Warrior Monks to the main hall. When he got there he saw many already seated and quickly took one himself. 'As we already know,' the main speaker said, 'that the Gods live off the worshipping of their followers. Therefore the less people that worship them, the less power they have. We have put together a plot that shall shape this world unlike anything before. Our master has decided to act upon the knowledge that Saradomin relies nearly wholly on the power that his monks feed to him. His plan will be this: we shall take the information gained through the sound portals, that Carellar placed, to destroy the monks of Saradomin. First we shall infiltrate the Monastery and put in some of our men to act as Saradomin Guards. On the night where all the Monks of Saradomin meet to begin a Year of worshipping we shall strike. The sound portals shall tell us what the security drill is and what they do in emergencies. Before the night of our victorious slaughter the guards we implanted will turn the portals into proper portals. Our fake guards will then cut off the emergency escapes. We will then go through the portals and kill the monks. There shall not be any opposition, and we shall rule the whole of the world. From the Kharidian Desert to the Trollweiss Mountain, it shall be Ours.
  3. i prefer to just go on low detail. Ive tried the music (kinda reminds me of the old pokemon games) and i dont like it. I just put my own on and with low detail it makes my game faster than it high detail counterpart
  4. i would love to be there, but for me it is at 3 am. Not many (if any) UK ppl will make it. Maybe in a future event you could have one for each country (say seven) one each day of the week.
  5. Wot kind of stuff do u think cud happen in a new f2p quest. Jagex shud giv f2p players somit very once in a wile (i no members pay 4 it but i mean like every 6 months). I wud quite like somit to do with fighting a sort of war. Maybe it cud be different by letting u choose sides. In it u cud be either black knights or white knights and u hav to kill like 50 of the other side (like slayer in p2p). Maybe u cud also lead a group of ure own soldiers (like if u were white knights u cud have ureself, 2 white knight warriors, a white knight archer and a white knight mage).
  6. Wot has been ure best bank sale so far or wot great things have u ever bought at bank sales for a great price.
  7. On SUnday 5th february go 2 falador front gates on world 7. Any1 there shout "Watch me Dance" while u do the dancing emote. C how many people we can freak out.
  8. gd 2 see rule breakers go. A friend of mine tried autoing and when he came in 2 skool the day his account was banned he was well annoyed (2 our enjoyment).
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