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  1. Personally, I hate how being inefficient is being encouraged now. But whatever, I'll keep it clam and avoid a ban. By your logic Hedge, we should demand that Jagex removes 85% of the game and introduce teleport to Smoke Well in Pollniiveach so people can insta teleport and go camp for effigies... just because some retarded kid with tons of spare time and money to buy money from goldselling sites, doesn't mean we should follow his example and become efficient to the extreme...... I play this game for enjoyment, and by enjoyment I mean quest, slowly grinding stats etc....
  2. like mentioned by Quyneaux, SC is generally looked down upon by EFFICIENCY ppl..... if you do not care about opportunity/time-costs then it's definitely for you, as Penance horn does not support bonus % XP rates for Crafting, Fletching, Smithing etc. as far as I remember, but yeah the general consensus is that: * If you have time and dedication, SC is generally an option * if you want to grind non-exp granting moneymaking methods and buy fast xp, it is not a viable solution in terms of efficiency * if you play casually and like the minigame, you should really not care about what people think and just play the minigame (listening to others in terms of Xp-gaining the fastest way possible naturally implies that you are willing to go on their terms in matter of how the game should be playing; thus you no longer "play the game your way" which kind of defeats the whole purpose of playing the game for your own sake :P)
  3. Seems pretty obvious. How so?... Am I missing out on something here?(came back a few months ago after a 4month break)
  4. and to follow up this thread, if you do Tarn's lair miniquest after Haunted mine, you will be able to, after killing the miniboss, charge your salve amulet to (e) for enchanted... that nets a whopping +20% to Strength and Attack bonuses.... that paired with Ghouls, which are level 50-ish I believe, is a great way to grind combat experience.... and by the sounds of it, he wants fast exp and levels, right? (he can always resort to skilling once he gets more in-depth with the alternative playstyles of Runescape (non-combat skilling etc..) but as suggest by the quoted post above, i would recommend slayer as well, not only because it allows a multitude of training methods, but it also unlocks a lot of options in terms of how you want to grind xp....
  5. Sounds like I won't quest until January.... *fast tracking through Chat conversations with spacebar anyone? <3: *
  6. I would choose 99 Magic and start Alchemizing everything i could get my fingers on down at Wal-Mart, but that's just me 8-)
  7. Do you guys mind if i Join you and become the 4Th in this race :XD: i'd like a reply AsaP, thanks on behalf..
  8. What the [bleep] is THAT ?!!?? :ohnoes:
  9. World 126 is no longer used by jagex staff, end of story.. Discretion is the better part of Valor :wall: Jagex staff can't be bothered to have alot of "low level" members hanging around, while they test the game for bugs constantly.. :shock: What i believe about this "Mystery".. :boohoo:
  10. Its just the bob the jagex cat except you need Amulet of Catspeak to lead a conversation with him :P... he appears sometimes in Runescape... all over P2P ofcourse =]
  11. :arrow: First of all another skill now would more likely make more people quit rather than start on runescape, already as it is now there are plenty skills to start, for example : I want to train magic, but i need runes. What do i do? You train runecrafting, then it all becomes free to lvl a skill that required cash for runes, and equiptment can be gained by maging, look at mage train arena. or: I want to make my own armor but also train my ranged so i have a wide amount of combat skills : the simple answer = smith ur own armor and make arrow heads, which with fletching can make it free, and even a profitmaker if you dont use up all arrows. my second point is : what would be good with 105 smithing?, making dragon? nah that would break runescape totally, the point of dragon is that you can't gain it unless you pay a NPC that deals with dragon items or find it as a drop, who would like zezima to make 50,000 Dragon Chainmails and make that item as common as Rune Scimitar, if runescape ever goes that way i would prefer to quit rather to achieve meaningless goals like this one :shock: 8) :lol: :shock:
  12. 1. How many times can you subtract the number 5 from 25? 2.What five-letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it? 3.This thing all things devours: Birds, beasts, trees, flowers; Gnaws iron, bites steel; Grinds hard stones to meal; Slays king, ruins town, And beats high mountain down and i can warn everyone its NOT hard just logical... no more help from me :).
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