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  1. Oh god, has anyone seen the WoW forums recently? Man the S**t has his the fan over the hunter's arcane shot buff. Looks like blizzard are considering undoing the change because of the complaints. I honestly dont see the problem with it, hunters were pretty underpowered before this update, at least now they have a chance with other classes.
  2. I was just wondering how your therapist helped you overcome the stutter and if you had any experience with lisps. I've got a "mild" lisp, it only kicks in randomly or if I have to read out a large block of text, and I'd love some tips on getting rid of it.
  3. You scored 27 out of 30 on the first test and 30 out of 30 on the second test Meh, I really wasnt paying attention during the first test because of a news story on tv, so I think I couldve done better.
  4. I disagree, hes not big-headed ingame at all. In fact, despite trying to world hop and buy up all the runes after an update 3_Hit_U STILL managed to pose for a screenie and have a chat. Nice hit, and its about time you jumped on the godsword bandwagon lol. Only took you 3 months :P
  5. I remember people like Lion and Smavey... I have fond memories of the 2004/05 Halloween party TIF threw at draynor manor. I got a kiss from Smavey as second prize for a find-me competition, and as a result I thought he was a chick for about a year... those were the days :( .
  6. I didnt think you could buy wooden shields from shops... if not 10/10 easily.
  7. Adorable... you guys sound like you had a great time. Make sure you do this again, it was a really fun read.
  8. I wouldn't be scared to bet a large sum of money that there is a "Green Australian Party" of some kind there, would you vote for them? I think you're referring to the party that plan to legalize cannabis, not implement effecting climate change measures. I also meant out of Labour and Liberal (which I thought was the basis of the discussion :? )
  9. I speak enough french to get me around the country, but thats about it.
  10. I'll vote for whoever has plans for reducing climate change. Howard lost it for me when he refused to sign Kyoto.
  11. You wouldnt remember me, but I definatly remember you. I was wondering where you went :-k
  12. Cheese and Bacon Shapes. I used to be able to eat like 2 packets in one sitting, now if I eat just one biscuit I feel like I'll puke.
  13. My absolute dream job would be to own a big Ski Resort... other than that id love to be a musician, or manage a band. That'd be fun also.
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