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  1. woohoo hit double diggit whips, 1 more for d chain O:)
  2. i guess ill save for d chain now, got like 9m cash atm so not to far to go
  3. attsck lets u hit high more often, like if ur max is 20, ud hit 15-20 alot more often the higher ur att is
  4. i wanna see a pic of 1 on the ground by some1 doing it
  5. ok well iv been wondering but not brave enough....wut happens if u drop ur fire cape? does it disappear or nethin. some1 brave with a fire cape try it post a pic plz.
  6. my old friend zerofxxx, me and him said as long as 1 of us kept playing, we both would. but then all the sudden he just stopped, he might have been hacked im not sure. if ne1 knows nethin about it plz tell me
  7. w00t got enchanted top from a clue from abbys lol 8-)
  8. id get a iron pick from a dwarf, mine pure ess, make natures until full rune and d scimmy, then kill abbys for whips :thumbsup:
  9. ok i got a santa, which was my main goal so now im just there for training with whips as bonuses
  10. gilded alter is worth it, i spent like 15m getting to 72 con like the 1st couple of days it came out and then went from 66-78 prayer in a day :twisted:
  11. ok dont wear a wealth lol, they seem to actually decrease the chance of getting somehting good and just give more coins lol, took it off and got 3 whips in 2 days and a d spear when i took me a week to get my 1st whip with wealth on -.-
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