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  1. i am only posting because Serephurus is awesome ..haha Communism is the only government that should be in use. do not look at China , or old Nazi Germany as a reference to Communism... read up on what a True Communist government is about. Chinese Communism is corrupt beyond belief. even old soviet union was corrupt. but if you look up what a Pure Communist Nation CAN be , you will see more Pro's than Con's. Fascism and Socialism are awesome too :thumbsup:
  2. why did you sell that wolf mask to him :roll: shadoken has a christmas cracker and a blue partyhat , also he is one of the biggest nerds on the face of this earth... FAILURE on topic : my computer blew up!!! just got it back from the shop...working again , time to get back on track and win this race!!!! :lol:
  3. hmm , seems VERY familar to me! considering i trimmed my crafting cape with a herblore cape aswell! LOL 99 craft untrimmed - 99 herblore trimmed it :lol:
  4. LOL , you didnt tell anybody you invited that you were having a party , therefor ..thats not your party.... -.-
  5. thanks for the posts guys! nice to see some people remember me! i havent decided on my next goal , maybe a 99 combat stat :lol:
  6. For those of you who don't know me , i quit runescape like 2 years ago with over 2bill networth i was a merchant , basically nothing else to say ...[Caution: Executable File]pt... IAM BACK! :twisted: for those of you who remember me ( buck knife 9 ) iam back with a new 99 , HERBLORE!!! here's my level'ing pic i'll be posting again , as iam now active on runescape again! hope some of you old school tip.it'ers remember me
  7. interesting find... tho , iam not from the UK .. so i have no idea who the people are , that you mentioned.. but i still think its funny
  8. for everybody who thinks rares will go back up , you obviosly dont know much about the market : Discontinued items ONLY go up because people merchant them , and use them as " TOOLS " to make money , such as myself i wouldnt ever buy a partyhat if i couldnt turn around and sell it for profit ... thats just pointless , why waste money on something that actually has no use in game ( after the update that is ) but if you honestly think they will go back up , and you have had plenty of experiance in the market , such as myself... and can put up a valid reason why they would go up .. ide be glad to listen , and maybe take your advice into account by the way , i sold all my partyhats before they went down.. i knew this was coming , so if i get proved wrong ..i'll cry :lol: but it wont happen :thumbsup:
  9. 10/10 and i will give my reason why... because , i personally dress the same way.. very plain! tho i never wear my partyhats , maybe sometimes when iam bored or get called a poor noob ( for wearing plain stuff ) lol btw , congrats on 98 smithing.. keep up the great work! :thumbsup:
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