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  1. Last year, before i got hacked, I used to buy merchant cowhides (buy for 100, sell for 200ea - VERY PORIFITABLE!) But these days noone will pay those prices. I have looked into various different markets and still can't find anything to merchant... In the first week of playing again, I was able to raise 350k from mining, to help get me started... Please, suggest (f2p) items that I could merchant. Thanks so much Don't forget to list how much I could buy them for, and how much I could sell for. P.S: The only skill i wish to use to make money from is trading.. It is the only skill I enjoy, and the one I am best at. I just need help getting started. Check This OUT!!! Whoever helps to get me back on my feet will get a 50k reward within a month! Not bad for posting a few words on a forum!! Keep in mind: I am f2p I have 350k to start off
  2. wats wrong wit ppl who have played for a long time and have party hats? i agree with u on some lvl 3s. theres nothing wrong with pkers. its fun for ppl. just like u might have fun training or merchanting etc.... but it is ur opinion.....
  3. i understand pure pkers but i dont uderstand pure cooks, miners, wcers etc..... Anyways i want opinions from ppl that hate and like them, i dont wanna discuss y people make them...
  4. personally, if i had more time i wouldn't mind making a pure mage or pure cook but its not a high priority in my life. My goal right now is to get to lvl 85 mining. Im only lvl 64 now. It's so hard even to get to lvl 70 in any skill, it takes so much time, it must be like almost impossible for someone as impatient as me to get to lvl 99. I don't think itll be under 4 months before i get lvl 85 mining.
  5. ok them 2 points kinda make sense. but i dont c how u could get bored of the one account..... i see how u could be bored of the same skill but not the same account. u can just train other skills on a main, where as a pure i wouldnt be bothered to train any other skills except for my pure skill.... any1 else have lvl 3 pureS?
  6. No i dont think u use an autoer. i trust u. But i dont quite understand y ppl would rather train a lvl 3 as a lvl 85 miner rather than their main thats maybe a lvl 70 combat as 85 mining...... some1 explain..?
  7. Like or Hate? I don't like em, they are USUALLY used by autoers, so they don't get their main accounts abnned. The only autoers that i dont hate are pkers, but not auto wxers or miners or fishers and stuff. Opinions plz.
  8. put me down, but i think u should have an option to have it either the way it is now or this way, then it will be an irrisistable offer for runescape! BTW u should work for jagex!!!..... or do u.....? lol
  9. just bought a santa... want picsa of santa wit full: blk g rune rune g rne t sara guthix zammy. tyvm, btw im nonmembers.
  10. frogs: prince outfit, stupid frog mask mime: 1 emote, no outfit :-( mysterious men: like 1 million. do u think theres a formula for when they appear? there must be.........
  11. do u think we drop it on purpose u stupid noob? u propably live at the general store and hope ppl pay u. ur one of them guys that dances for money. stupid noob! go eat cooked anchovies noob!
  12. what hav u dropped? ivedropped 3.5k of coal which i just bought from fally world 1 when i was cleaning out my bank. Then i noticed my coal wa smissing like 10 minutes l8r!.... :-(
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