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  1. Err, where did you take the .006 shouldn't it be 0.6? that would make it 13. 25 hours. Am I right? if yes could make your calculations again?
  2. it was good read but... I found rather disturbing when you said that the general rules Africa and Europe.
  3. i made 1-1.2k+ ench per hour at mta with onyx ench, it was cheap... 72.5k xp per hour aint bad compared to alch as it gives 65 xp per cast, not sure but i think you cant alch more than 1k per hour
  4. This guide didn't impress me :| , 3/10, there was some basic information. Could be useful for newbies. :-w
  5. the dds is still better for killing pures but dark bow's special is 100% succsessful (sp?), so its better for killing people with high def.
  6. The armor wont matter, as the spec hits 100% and the armor wont decrase the hit power 8-) Theorethically when you dont use spec then it will not hit in armor so much as the crystal bow, because it has less range bonus :-k ( full crystal bow has +100 range bonus, dark bow has +95 range bonus) hoping to see 45-45 spec \
  7. Does anyone has information about the demon butler payment system? Is it like he wants 10k for every 100 logs or after every 10 request every 10 minutes or is it random? (all the numbers are speculative)
  8. rsn: kakuke00799 combat lvl: 103 position: collector, defender can i join?
  9. these are big coals, but i suggest 1 goal more-fire cape but good luck oh and buy yourself a skirt :lol:
  10. i have never reported someone :lol: 8-) :roll: wow i have asked age like 100 times, not anymore :ohnoes:
  11. has anybody tried pc, i have heard rumors about changing xp there :-k :anxious: :boohoo:
  12. 1. there is black unicorns in wild, north of chaos altar, take glory with u and tele to edge and repeat 2.edge dungeon, train when waiting respawn 3. in red dragon island there is red berrie spawn 4.in grand tree food shop is 5 chocolate dust and 5 chocolate at full stock
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