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  1. I would love this. I think it would be hilarious. All rares would be gone. Also, the economy would be brand new. No gp in the world. (unless you get SOME from tutorial island...i forget) It would make the game fun again.(more fun, at least)
  2. Well, as you all probably know, there are some amazing pures out there who have very low defense. People like 3__Hit__U for example. Now...if someone was to hack him, they probably would be very lucky, because he probably has a very complex password. Now, most likely they wouldn't be able to get into his bank account. However, he then goes to the friends list and deletes them all. Now...here is the worst part. With amazing stats like his, he could probably get 50 defense in like one day, easily. So if someone hacked him, TONS of hours of hard work could be instantly destroyed. To me, this would be WORSE than losing all of my items. So what do you think? Should there be some type of optional PIN to prevent ANY action on your account? Ideas?
  3. I really hope that the Soul crafting is next, THEN Bloods at 90. U can craft like 1300 runes per hour...so that would be an INSANE ammount of bloods. It would also draw a lot more abyss PKers.
  4. LOL what a great idea. Is there an easier way to get gnome-balls tho?
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