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  1. I'm hoping to get to 99 mining. Knowing my work ethic I'll probably call it quits around level 86 but, just in case, I'd like some advice from people as to the best place/way to level. I'm a free player so I assum that the best strategy is to camp the three rocks in Chasm Mine all day; mine 3 and drop 3. But I've never done this before so does anyone have any advice?
  2. Al-Kharid with the Ring of Dueling is most likely the fastest. However, if you don't want to deal with rings of dueling I'd suggest East Varrock mine. It's relatively close ot a bank (Varrock East Bank) and there are few people who can compete with your mining level there, especially on free worlds. I spent a very long time there and found that at maximum speed I could make about 18 trips per hour which translates into 504 ores per hour banked. It's not as fast as Al-Kharid but it's entirely free.
  3. I don't mean to say that RWTing shouldn't be against the rules or any of that. If it's against the rules, it shouldn't happen. However, 'shouldn't' and 'doesn't' are two different things. My arguement is that yes, RWTing is bad but I would rather deal with people who have not earned their achievments than to deal with a severely messed up trade system i.e. the solution is more of a problem than the actual problem.
  4. You make a very convincing arguement about the evils of RWTing. However, I do know for a fact that people do grind all day. The RS anti-macro system is actually fairly decent. The reason why there are so many "macros" is because there are people who act like macros but are not. EDIT: And I don't mean to defend RWT, I'm just curious if these...draconian methods are necessary or even a decent tradeoff.
  5. First off, I'd like to say that this is the first post I've made here in over a year I believe and I haven't played RS in the last 9 or so months until yesterday and I'm having a bit of a culture shock. I logged into the game and found a lot of stuff had changed. At first it seemed like Jagex had a really cool idea to help out the world economy (The Great Exchange, hereafter referred to as TGE). However, that appearance quickly faded when I realized that it wasn't just another practical way to trade large numbers of items it was the only way. Jagex has mucked around with the economy before; creating construction to try to reduce inflation, creating new (and ultimately useless) but very rare items. However, they've taken things a very large step further by trying to control prices on the market. At TGE you can only offer your goods for up to 5% above or below the median price. But I digress into a rant different from the title, now to get to the actual debate. I've been told all these things (including the 3k trading cap and TGE) are in an attempt to finally put a stop to real world trading of items. So now we're at the root of the problem and our debate topic; real world trading. Well, let's start at this: the main mode of real world trading that Jagex is apparantly trying to prevent is buying in-game gold with real life cash i.e. $3 for a million gold. The companies that sell this gold are usually located in less developed countries (such as thos in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe) where workers grind on the same tasks for dozen hour shifts to earn the gold which can then be sold for real cash. I personally don't see anything inherently wrong with real world trading. Member pay out $5 or more a month to get a better opportunity in the game, level their characters faster, unlock certain areas etc. In the same way a person who buys gold is attempting to gain a way for their character to level faster, unlock more opportunities, get into certain areas etc. I see no difference in the way. The way I see it is this; perhaps real world trading is an issue for a reason that I don't see here. However, if the a complete reworking of the in game trading system and controlling of prices in game (crippling the free market in my view) is the price to pay to get rid of what I consider to be a small evil, it's not worth it. I'd be more willing to deal with a bunch of people who perhaps have not earned their status with toil in game than to have to deal with an overly restricitve trading system. Obviously some people will differ with me about the conclusion I have drawn about Real World Trading (i.e. not all that bad) so, let the debate begin. :thumbdown: :thumbup:
  6. The term you're looking for is Hydrogen Bonds. I read through this entire thread, the flaming etc. and no one posted the most correct answer. This guy came the closest. What actually happens is that sometimes, an outside force (whether it be a cosmic ray/radiation, free radicals, etc.) strikes a bonded base pair, such as GT, and changes one of the bases, resulting in something like TT. Though the pair does not bond, it does make a mutation. The effect is similar to a zipper skipping a tooth; the teeth before and after that pair are linked but that particular pair of teeth does not interlock. You don't need a bonded base pair for it to be a gene, the absence of a pair can be a gene as well. This is the reason why exposure to radiation and free radicals tend to increase your chances of cancer; the more radiation, the more mismatched pairs. On the topic of your stumping a teacher: Good for you. I must admit though I have the greatest respect for a teacher who can admit that they do not know instead of making up some BS excuse. Let's face it, as teenagers, we can smell when a teacher is lying. :wink:
  7. Awesome job on the clouds. EDIT: The dithering near the crystal is a bit harsh and obvious though.
  8. I'm feel like one of those antelope in a documentary about lions :? Anyways eckered, I have a border. The text looks that way because I wanted it to be; it wasn't changed at all by the saving this time. I'll try lighting and a light source next time as well as a gradient focus. I'm sorry, but I fail to see why .JPGs are so bad; at least compared to .GIFs. .GIFs give a bunch of speckles all over the piece that can be avoided that I can see by saving as a .JPG. Would anyone care to enlighten me more as to why .JPG is bad?
  9. Ok, I took a bit of advice from everyone, downloaded some new brushes and took another stab at it. Cad, you talked in the tutorial about making a cloud layer with the selected colors. I interperated that as meaning that the cloud layer, which starts out as a mix of black and white, can be changed to other slected colors, i.e. red and orange. I tried but I don't think you can do this in GIMP, at least with the plugins I have. I settled for a overlay of color for now but I know I need to improve on that.
  10. Ok, I've given up with this text as a lost cause. No matter what I do it seems to get blurrier when I save it as a .jpg. I'll make sure to get more brushes; this one was just my first so I only used the default brushes #-o. The background was colored a bit but I upped the opacity on the coloring to make it more noticable. I think the border was 100% black. Again, I think the .jpg compression changed it. I tried to blend a bit more. Turns out one of my render layers I left at 100% opacity on accident #-o (again). What do you mean by blurriness? The blurred edges, the text, what? Can you be a bit more specific? Here's the update version. I'll probably drop this one use what I've learned to move on to another; I'm tired of working on this one. EDIT: Damnit, the border is red. *sigh*
  11. Hmmmm, you're right. I think I accidentally shifted a layer and forgot to move it back :oops:. Thanks for the tips.
  12. Well, it's finally come to this, Imhomer's walked out of the world of pixel sigs and into abstracts. I got meself GIMP (a.k.a. Good If Money Poor) and tried to adapt the PS tuts I could find as well as I could manage. I don't think my first piece turned out too bad (at least not as bad as D2K's.........everything :lol:) but I could definately use some improvement. The text turned out fuzzier than I expected when I saved it as a .jpg :?. Original Update:
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