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  1. thx beesafree, your being very resourcefull :3> im taking it at chunks at a time...too much overwhelms me :( probly do the arros and bow tommorow then the wall later cuz it takes more time to fix material etc.. we'll see
  2. Bedhead1111


    GL, no1 has renders of that..
  3. thx, thats my next step, im just tired and didnt feel like doing that atm :\
  4. Im not really a big fan of this, id rather see you make some l337 things, this is fairly hard, but no way as hard as the cars you make. Im sure that it must get boring thats why u moved a way for a bit, but still. :3> :3> :3> Ur work
  5. nice nice, try and make the landscape more shaded, but ik thats ownage for 20minutes :3>
  6. im going to try and use a bump map on the target so it looks more like clothe
  7. i did this from memory, i havent been to teh range guild in like ever amgawd thx
  8. dont start on photo minip cuz ull get frustrated, id just fool around with the program and get to know all of the features, that way when u wnat the sig to look a certain way, u know how to get it to look like that
  9. thank you i will take that into concideration when i update it :) i knew somthing was wrong but i didnt know what
  10. Updated! If u view, post :3> posts for u, C&C for me :) Tell meh what you think, what i could owrk on to make it better :) V2: V1:
  11. No, it takes the 1/4 of what u hit from the other persons prayer
  12. there are ref pics with taht site....i used those in the bg. made a cylinder and the made them smaller and bigger...and used tut for the material cuz i suck with taht :x
  13. Lx0, who is that person ur talking about.... and i used ref pics from a tut, but i ddint use the tut
  14. i did say rate right? :oops:
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