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  1. rik


    personally i don't really like the design... it just looks like everything was cut out and placed on top of each other :unsure: for example: on the bottom half there is some sort of shade on the wood, created by the paper. But when you look at the top of the paper, there is no shade or lighting (flames are a light source! ) on the wood. Also the tekst in the flames is quite anoying with the contrast compared to the background, it looks like you just took the text tool and gave it an red outer glow. Try to experiment a bit more with it, different layer settings, gradients, opacity, or whatever you can imagine ;) it just looks to cheap at the moment in my opinion ;) however the font of the content is nicely chosen and fits quite well, it is sometimes hard to read. I don't know if it's just because the image isn't 100% quality, or if it will also be like this when it's coded :unsure: Please realize it's meant as c/c even if it might sound harsh ;) hope to see you work on new designs and improve :) also for the people who don't know how themeforrest works: It is a marketplace for website designers/coders. For relatively low prices you can buy a (coded) website design, code snippets, wordpress coded designs and some more. You can create an account and send in some designs and stuff. The chance that it will actually ever make it to the market however, is like 1%. This is mainly because it undergoes a whole process before it is even considered. For example: A coded webdesign most of the times need the original .psd, it needs to work with ie 7+, all modern browsers and its a big + if it works with ie6. Also you will need to comment pretty much everything in the whole package, all code lines, all psd parts, and what the terms of usage are. All with all it sounds nice and such, but it's more helpfull for most people to buy something, then actually earn money from it. Mostly since they only accept a few designs every day/week and most of the accepted are from professionals ;) just that you guys don't get any false hope in making fast money that way :blink:
  2. Personally i don't really like the duck photo's, but yeah, i've seen to much ducks :o The last one however, i really do like :) great scene there ;) also nice to see you have a new camera! :thumbsup: better quality gives more feeling to the pictures in my opinion :P if i may ask, what kind of camera did you buy? :) hope too see some more photo's :D
  3. love the second 1 :) might concider buying it :P hopes it can be delivered to the far far region of Twente :P
  4. rik

    Orc - Finished

    Well it is a start in the right direction, but like soa already mentioned, you really need to clear up your lineworks. A good way to start out is by looking at the WIP's of some great drawings. Good old deviantart has some great drawing WIP's on it and you'll probably notice that it helps if you clear up the lines, since you get a lot of white space where youe can shade. Also a good rule to handle is to shade the drawing in parts. For example: first start on the axe handle until your satisfied with it. Then shade the next part and so on, it just keeps it kind of organised, and specific shading is pretty much more detailed then large scale shading. Hope it helps in some way :blink: :lol:
  5. euhm just a quick question? do you just want this sized down, put a border around it (just a black 1pixel stroke or something around the edge) and the text on it? or do you mean you want something more like my signature? :) sorry for the late respons, but school had me shut down for the past 2 days pretty much ;)
  6. any text you'd like in there? :) and do you want a border or something else in there? :)
  7. wow.... To be honest, I find your linework just great :huh: nothing against the shading and stuff, but it just already makes them great before they are even colored :) Hope to see you sticking around here for a while :P It's actually a great idea of turning old pixels/idea's into HD... maybe i'm gonna try it to with some old pixel :-P
  8. darn, i like the transition between the first 2 songs :P wish i would have taken the piano music lessons when i was younger :( If i may ask, how many years are you playing the piano yet? :) and for the discussion about if it was rightfully posted in the gallery: Yes it is. Some of you may know the songs of Pittbull? Like I know you want me, Hotel room etc... Those songs are all covered! And are they considered art? Yes they are ;) And since this is the art section of the forums... :P
  9. rik

    New website WIP

    shiny, can you be a bit more specific about where it needs more color? Fyi, this is gonna be the page with the least colors ;) another this is that once this design is coded, there is gonna be a lot of javascript in it and for example the menu gets a lot more colored when you hover over :P this is more the absolute minimum of color in the design ;) pat, what do you exactly meen? I have an dA acc, but i only use it to look at some of the work there :P so i have no clue what designAdag is :unsure:
  10. rik

    New website WIP

    haha yeah, i also just noticed i actually forgot about the goalkeeper :blink:
  11. rik

    New website WIP

    sorry for the big delay, but school suddenly came across, so I had no time working on this until today :( For some reason i just didn't like the new header, since it's too empty... maybe gonna be a good signature of something :P I came across the header i posted here a few weeks ago, and decided that it actually fitted this very well, so i placed it in and worked around it. This is a version of the team part of the website ;) [hide=quite big image] [/hide] Still a big WIP, so C/C is very welcome :)
  12. rik


    :-w @Dsavi I notice your sig yesterday I believe, thought it was pretty cool actually. 95% of the gallery needs to be banned then probably yeah pretty much :P I guess i'm one of the few people here with a legal version of photoshop haha :-P although my dad's work bought it for him (however i'm the only one who uses it :-P ) i guess those rules could be helpfull for some people, but the majority of the newbies here probably won't read the FAQ before they post a topic though... :( A better suggestion would be if one of the first posters who would welcome the new guy, also mentions the rules and notes, so they don't get suprised later. I think that way the new guys would be more prepared on C/C. The only point is that they just need to accept it if the work isn't perfect and learn to take critics instead of thinking we burn them down :? just my opinion ;)
  13. Well first of all i really love the colors you've used in both of them :thumbsup: then there are some points that bug me: *his right (for us left) leg is shorter then his other leg, which makes hem look leaning backwards. *Again his right leg, the front of his/her foot is pointed to much backwards compared to the knee, which looks awfully painfull to me :blink: * I agree with hawkxs about the head/face. However i actually know WHY it looks weird :P got an example highlighting the next points: 1- Here is a to large and sudden difference in light/dark and because of that this side of the helm looks like its a 90 degree angle, which looks weird. 2 - the horn is positioned to his right, not really in the right direction 3- this can't be lighted if the part above his eyes isn't lighter too, which makes the part above his eyes look going backwards, which would crush his head :( 4 - i've just drawn how the foot should stand compared to how the knee is positioned right now I know there just really tiny things (the last 3) but i think those atleast would make it look a little bit better ;)
  14. rik

    New website WIP

    #-o darn i already thought i was forgetting something :huh: (Fc twente <3: )
  15. Hello everyone :) I finally decided to work on a new website for our football team, but i'm really kind of stuck on the header... I have a beginning but now i have a lack of inspiration... So far i've spend around an hour working on the header alone, and my intention is to keep is all sort of vector based with a lot of gray tones and some quite bright colors in some parts. Also it's this wide, because it's the total width the header is going to be ;) As soon as i've done the header, i'm gonna finish the lay-out and keep it updated here until it's finished if you guys would like so :grin: :) oh yeah it's all done in good old photoshop CS2 ;)
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