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  1. Please use the search button for 'old school' Please I'm begging you, not another one of these posts and old school players still bought skills so....
  2. The clear farming patches are pretty sweet :)
  3. Yea, I remember reading something about 'go on random created adventures with friends' in their goals list that was posted.
  4. I've never even heard of several of those fan-sites before, and who cares if Tipit is even recognized by Jagex as an official fan-site at all? I think their going about fansite support all the wrong way. -1 Jagex. On another note, its always nice to have posts from Jagex Employees. I think they should post on fan-sites regularly whether they make their list or not.
  5. Yes, that's pretty much what I was thinking. The whole speal did sound like a lot of hogwash and pr talk. Nothing really useful besides the forum suggestion posting stats.
  6. Looks crazy, I woudn't want to get lost in Funbridge :(
  7. Sweet, I'm ready to roll out some overloads to work on 99 herb :thumbup:
  8. Sounds good to me. 3 more summoning levels till 99.
  9. Hell no. Maybe you can kill stuff alot faster now.
  10. Could probably throw this in after after using the ent pouch, sometimes you get 4 or 5 cactus.
  11. When they're full grown, ones an owl, ones a raptor, and ones a hawk. Each a different solid color... Yes I know. However they do pretty much the same thing and they really don't look different enough to me.
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