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  1. Ahhhhh a walk down memory lane. Most of you reading this post won't know who I am, but for those who might - I'm tip it's post residential fishing narb who took aaaaaages getting 99 but got there nonetheless. I've been retried from the game for about 1ish years now, and its going pretty good. Educations fine, social life fine, family life fine, health fine.. Basically, I forgot to say goodbye to all my friends, followers and anyone who has ever meant anything to me on this game. I spent alot of time here, and its time i haven't forgotten. This isn't the last of me, I do intend to come back, just not yet. I just wanted to take the chance to say to my old friends whom i pray still remember me as "bee [insertlovehere] pee", that I miss you all incredibly and haven't forgotten the wonderful times we had - its what gets me through the hard days of the 'real world' lol.. So, if you maybe remember me, wanna say hi, wanna talk or recount a good memory, post. I'll be watching, I'll reply. I don't know when I'm coming back, or if I'm coming back - all I know is I'm glad to see everyone still alive kicking. - BP
  2. Eastern lands is my main. I really want a samurai sword and thats about it. Of course that wont happen but eh.
  3. Tis' now a work in progress cause I'm inspired by your story to write my own. Basically: - Started 2001-02 (don't remember lol) with newbie player Crasher69, due to mates from school intro'ing me to the game. Then stopped for a couple months. - Mates got back into the game but by this time I didn't remember my player password. One of my friend's name was "girl power45" thus I named my new player "boy power45". PLayed for abit, and early the next year, I never found out who, but a friend hacked and stole my player, thus me stopping for a little while. - Then a started a newer player, J Co Zar, my favourite of all time, played on her for about a year. - Then a friend got back BP45 for me somehow when I forgot Jco's pass and blah blah. - 2006, started 99 fishing goal - 2007, completed goal. - have been involved in a clan known as the ges and have been a member of the tet au previously. Thats basically it i think. Missed some details but i gtg so im rushing lol. Cheers
  4. Away for the next week for Christmas. Left it abit late cause I'm rushing now lol. So Ciao and I'll see you all soon!!
  5. My sentiments. I doesn't have enough 'backbone' to go out on its own. Its just a skill taking a little bit from other skills to make a new skill.
  6. Tis' a gun blog tbh. EVERYONE GO AND PST THERE NAI-OW Well I'm getting 75 att then 75 def then another whole heap of str, or so thats the plan :? :D OMGIDUNNO Nah, Necro pretty much gave you the answer; I got the blog back up and going as of like 3+ weeks ago. Holidays ftw! Epic awesome range exp tbh. I got 112 Jellies or something? But yeah, you got plenty of time to catch up while im smithing lol. And hi to everyone else! I've taken a little break from combat to catch up on some other skills, starting with smithing. No particular goal just going as far as I find content (most likely 60ish) And... my next post should have all the pictures I've been putting off (lol)
  7. You are one very smart and very correct person. Jagex's Runescape is a business, they won't give-in to the wants of F2p because their goal is to basically persuade the F2per's to pay some money to get such updates. If Jagex just gave things to F2p willy-nilly, there woudl be less incentive for players to move to the membership status. Whilst I do (partially) agree with letting F2p get some benefits, there are good reasons for the balance of Free-Paying.
  8. OMg Lonk's still here! Oh Hai, don't know if you remember me but hey there, goodluck with it all (again) :D
  9. Thanks Sups and good luck to you to... The race of Slayering is on! That would porbably explain how you beat me in fishing... By about 6months #-o Thanks Who :D Thanks Matt :D How'dya HSC go? My brother did it last year, seems pretty intense lol. But yeah, its good to be back among friends. :thumbsup: WHYHAITHARBOWS Thanks for the post I spose :shock: Epic Well anyways, I got heeeeaps of pitcures to upload so I'll get around to that soon enough. I also better change the title of this blog Oo Just ranging Fire Giants for a Slayer task. Hip-hip-hooray lol Thanks Guys!
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