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  1. Holy shit, Jeremy Soule did it again! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqQ6Q0VEZgY Guild Wars, Icewind Dale, this. Hot damn!
  2. Yah, big goal. I'll take my time with it. Haven't gotten bored of it, yet.
  3. :( Been busy with clan business. Haven't really been able to get on Runescape and do stuff.
  4. After reading it over again, I recognized that. It must have been quite annoying to read with the word ditch in it so many times. And pardon me for the spelling and punctuation mistakes. It was a quick part of a story that I was making up pretty much on the spot. Part 2 will be up shortly.
  5. Thanks. I'll be writing more next time I get the time. Probably have part two up tomorrow. :
  6. Care to share where I can find what you told everyone else? -.-
  7. This is my first post in this forum. Not sure what to expect... I wrote the story because I had some free time. Enjoy. (Note: I am not too good of a writer.) Part 2 He opened his eyes to find thousands of leeches gnawing at his feet. His boots provided just enough protection so that the leeches did no harm. He kept quiet, for he knew what other creatures lurked in the place that folks called the abyss. His eyes squinted as he looked around him. It was dark; very dark. He slowly walked forward until his hand pressed up against a foamy wall. He then turned to his right, and, keeping his hand on the wall, walked forward. He passed a series of tendrils that seemed to try to grab at him. He noticed that these tendrils were blocking a dark passage. However, he was unequipped to disperse the tendrils and get to where he needed to go. So he moved on. Then, suddenly, his foot kicked something solid. He looked down and, again, squinting, observed that it was neither a leech nor a tendril. A sudden fear came upon him as he scrutinized the object and realized that it was a footÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ãâæ and not just any foot. His head rose, and there he was, staring straight into the blood-red eyes of the most feared creature of the abyss: an abyssal walker. He was almost too late. The walkerÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ã¢ââ¬Å¾Ã¢s sharp tongue shot at SellahÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ã¢ââ¬Å¾Ã¢s head, but the agile warrior was able to roll just in time to dodge the move. The walker, having always been able to see through the darkness of the abyss, noticed SellahÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ã¢ââ¬Å¾Ã¢s small body looking up at him from the ground. The walker, once again, ran at Sellah. Sellah, not knowing what else to do, and, held down by the leeches covering the floor of the abyss, swung his pickaxe at the beast. With a sound thud, the sharp end of the tool embedded itself into the chest of the creature. With a loud shriek, the walker stumbled back a few steps, removing the point from its chest. Black blood streamed out of the wound and onto the abyss floor, where it was crowded around by the leeches. Sellah, feeling slightly more confident, arose from the ground and faced the vile being. His courage was built up, and he was about ready to deal the killing blow, when he felt a small [puncture] at his back. He jumped forward and swiftly turned about. Before he could see what had interrupted his triumphant victory, he was launched back into the foamy wall. By this time, the walker had regained its composure and had started to approach the warrior. At its side was an unusual creature, a companion. Its head was comprised of many eyes; its weapons were sharp cutting bones on the ends of arm-like tendrils that stuck out of its body. Behind the two creatures swarmed more walkers, and more abyssal guardians, which Sellah recognized now. He looked to the left, and then to the right, searching for a way to escape. But none existed. He was done for. His muscles tensed and his knuckles whitened as he gripped his pickaxe firmly. If he was going to die, it wouldnÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ã¢ââ¬Å¾Ã¢t be without a fight. [hide=Part 1]The man looked down. At his feet was a ditch, not much wider than the length of a long sword. Small bugs and worms could be seen hiding underneath the rubble that made up the small ditch. This ditch was familiar to him, as he had crossed it many times before. The lords of the Earth had created this ditch as a signal to wear the civilized world ended, and the hostile and uncultured world began. He raised his head, the sunlight hitting his dark, cadaverous face coming into view. The wind whipped his long white hair back and forth across his eyes, his spotted cape billowing on his back. He could hear the faint sounds of conversation, but other than that, it was just the whistling of the wind through the trees and silent houses that were behind him. He took a couple of steps backwards, and with a mighty leap, jumped the ditch, into the wilderness. He walked for a while, but the constant snapping of twigs around him made him alert and cautious. He began to ran at an amazingly fast pace. This man carried almost nothing of value with him. What was visible was the brown, worn pack on his back, as well as the shiny, mithril pickaxe he carried in both of his hands. He carried no weapons, wore no armour. He wore a spotted cape, which was under his pack. It seemed to have a special power that made is extremely light, and, being underneath his pack, made the pack seem much lighter. His light blue boots were also very light, but provided the same protection as any normal boots. They, too, made running fairly easier. If one inspected the contents of his pack, they would find nothing of interest. In it were three pouches of different sizes, and exactly twenty-five pure essences. The pouches also contain pure essence; altogether, the man carried with him forty-three pure essence, which, at the time, was worth approximately six thousand seven hundred and fifty-one gold pieces, which was not much at all. The single object that made this adventurer worth to kill was the dripping pendant hanging from his neck. At its center was an enchanted dragon stone. The man had invested in many of these little amulets, which, individually, cost about fifty-five thousand gold pieces, and would do almost anything to keep it from being in the hands of someone besides himself. The man, who people called Sellah, despite the fact his real name was Celebrimbor, stopped suddenly and listened. He heard a low growl in the wind and a sudden chill came upon him. The growl belonged to a hellhound, one of the creatures of the ancient world that haunted the wild. After standing still for about a minute, he took of in a dead sprint. The trees became blurs, their branches scratching at his face as he ran by at an ungodly speed. The growl followed him, and he knew it. He picked up speed, seeing a clearing ahead of him. There stood the only man that could save him from being the meal of the hellhound. He broke out of the forest and into the clearing, where he yelled some words at the man clad in red garments. The red, slumped figure rose to its full height and chanted some words in the ancient language. Sellah found himself being jerked towards the man, and then a light blinded him. [/hide]
  8. Ever think about runecrafting? (Semi-buyable). Its a good suggestion, in my opinion.
  9. 62 Runecrafting, 40 Herblore Zezima came to world 99 to Runecraft... Made me lag a bunch. Every trip he made, I made two. What a rc newb. :XD:
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