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  1. Either you're being sarcastic or naïve. The trouble is, we don't have much of a choice. Getting levels simply requires tons of raw materials that no legit player is going to farm. It's how rs is built. I currently need 100k pure essence, and that's for just a few rc levels. I'd love to buy them from a legit player, but chances are I'll get them from a bot, or at best, a mercher who got them from a bot/gold farming account. Not sure how it can be helped tbh.
  2. I can't believe how lucky I got today. I've been doing a few clues since a week or two, not even one per day. And I got: Never thought I'd see the day... Also found a blue phat yesterday and another blue one today. Just saw them lying around passing by, without hunting for them. On the flip side, got 91 thieving today, not one sceptre yet even though I'm opening all the chests :razz:. (Not that I'm complaining, obviously.)
  3. I've been wondering about this too. The other day, I was trying to explain to a friend the much more casual gaming attitude the general rs population had before the 99 capes came out, but he couldn't really grasp the difference with the current attitude. The simple fact of the matter is that the 07 players are coming into it with years of rs knowledge and years of changed attitude to the game as well. They were bound to just transpose it to 07. Hell, I'm guilty too, in just a few months I've built an account on 07 that took me like a year back in 2006. I think it's too bad we didn't get a version of RS from before the 99 capes were introduced. Then again, maybe the 99 and 200m "disease" is so embedded in the players' minds that the absence of capes wouldn't have mattered at this point anyway. /OT ruminations
  4. Found the scythe yesterday evening while slaying elves and the pumpkin just now while fishing. Didn't hunt for either, so I guess I got pretty lucky :wink:.
  5. I've just been looking into the quests, and safespotting seems to be a good option indeed. Not sure if my 10 mage'll do any damage though :smile:. Cheese also spawns in Aggie's house in Draynor.
  6. Thanks for the list! Quick question: how did you defeat the 100+ monsters in those quests? (Holy Grail, Grand Tree, Tree Village)
  7. I just spent a ridiculous amount of time fishing shrimp, only to burn nearly all of them. Also had to run for my life from a lvl 26 guard. I... I don't think I can do all of this again... Also, the game crashed about half an hour in and when I tried to log in again, I couldn't type my username or password. Yay Macs. Whining aside, I enjoyed the trip down nostalgia/memory lane.
  8. I just voted after all. I decided that if Jagex isn't doing this earnestly, there's no reason why I should. Like them, I'm grabbing the advantages I can get, they can deal with the consequences if in a few months' time, only a fraction of the voters actually plays.
  9. The vote isn't over yet. People have been given time to consider it, taking that time is not a crime or giving up any sort of rights. Maybe more of us should hold out and see what other bones Jagex is prepared to throw us for our votes.
  10. Ugh, I'm really torn about getting my vote in. Jagex is going full steam ahead, regardless of what the community decides, so I might just as well vote, get the 'early' access and the free month... but all the while, I'm still kind of against the idea. And I hate going along with their cheap ploys. Principles and all.
  11. My gut reaction is not to participate. When I started playing in 2005, everybody was complaining about the community and the deterioration "caused by miniclip". I remember feeling like I was so late to the party already. All this nostalgia is pointless. Also, I'd rather not get drawn into starting a new character from scratch and get 99-crazed again. Admittedly, I would love to roam the old game for a bit. Sadly, as a level 3, I wouldn't roam far :smile:. Jagex clearly wants this badly, if they are promising to give everybody who votes the first month membership for free. Honestly, they're not gauging interest, they're advertising this heavily. That's not necessarily bad, I guess, but it does repulse me a bit. Still, interesting times. I really wonder where this game is going. On a sidenote, does anybody else think it strange Jagex has so few back-ups left of the game?
  12. Apparently, Jagex is looking into the degradation time issue. Mod Edam posted in a RSOF thread yesterday.
  13. ^ That argument can be turned around just as easily. Making pop equipement heavily outclassed by nex gear renders the whole effort a bit... pointless. I don't need the armour to be better than nex's, but I'd like to get *some* use out of it. Don't get me wrong, I love POP, but I'm not seeing much use in continuing it, aside from the fun part. Not too long from now, when I have all the stories done, all the upgrades and buildings, there will be very little left to draw me to my port. This wasn't a small update to the game: it was highly anticipated, it was well developped, it was one of the few that was received very positively by a player base that usually finds fault in everything... but it'll be dead as can be within months after its release.
  14. I've ranted about this earlier too. The day before yesterday, 4 special voyages (Biologist, Whaler) vanished after my voyages from the day before came back and before I had managed to send them out. They both spent the day sitting upstairs in the bar with nothing to do... When did they announce the patch? It's not fixed as far as I can see. I've taken to doing my special missions first thing, so they get back before reset time and don't interfere with the special voyages of the next day. It's not always possible though, especially in the Pincers with its long voyage times.
  15. -10mins/day -no gp needed -halfway to 99 in just 3 of the 25 skills If that is too much for you then have fun in you're black dhide. No need to make it this personal. I'm talking about the average scaper. Skillers (like I've always been fyi) actually *need* those average "lazy" scapers to make profits. Jagex promoted PoP as a way for skillers to profit, similar to MTK... I do admit however that profiting isn't necessarily strictly limited to making money.
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