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  1. Similar to the methods used in the videos that Ambler and I linked to. It was almost 4.5 years since I killed my first level 360 using my method.
  2. First person was Fd0p (not sure of RSN). The other person that did caves without using prayer was Mat Dragonx, although his account is not 1 prayer, and he used ancients during the cave, so that might disqualify him, I guess.
  3. Third person that I know of, but there may have been 1 more before me.
  4. How could they scam you? You'd receive the payment at the same time that the item is loaned.
  5. I know of two people that have done it with melee. The main difficulty I'll have without melee is not having a decent spec weapon for damage or healing. I also have no lunar magic which might be a struggle, but it's certainly possible. Money for supplies won't be an issue, it's just a case of having good enough luck with some of the spawns like mentioned. I've have done some practising with walking with the 360s and haven't struggle too much with range. The higher hits of magic should make it slightly easier for me.
  6. Been thinking about gear for a proper attempt in, but would appreciate input from other people. To save you looking up my stats, I am 1 prayer, 99 magic, range, defence and hp. [set=aura:11719,head:11861,cape:1349,neck:9897,weapon:11867,body:11863,shield:9918,legs:11862,gloves:6908,boots:4452,ring:4383] +133 Magic attack, +223 Magic Defence, +61 Ranged Defence, +60% Magic Absorb, +0% Ranged Absorb [set=aura:11719,head:467,cape:1349,neck:9897,weapon:11867,body:11863,shield:9918,legs:11862,gloves:6908,boots:4452,ring:4383] +120 Magic attack, +208 Magic Defence, +118 Ranged Defence, +53% Magic Absorb, +5% Ranged Absorb [set=aura:11719,head:467,cape:1349,neck:9897,weapon:11867,body:11863,shield:9918,legs:10849,gloves:6908,boots:4452,ring:4383] +125 Magic attack, +192 Magic Defence, +113 Ranged Defence, +45% Magic Absorb, +5% Ranged Absorb, +134 Life Points Thank you for your time.
  7. The combat system on RSC made having a high HP level beneficial. Then people realised that if you can deal damage and eat, you don't need to have too much defence, so that's where the 1 defence pure came from...
  8. Is this an example of a character that's excessively pure?
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