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  1. Heh, thats ownage. always wondered... where did the o rly owl come from in the first place? its awefully cute and funny :D The first place I saw it was on a Myspace group called O rly? :-k
  2. 7/10 not bad for first guide, by the way I love your sig!
  3. The idiocy of pures and there code of honor.. :x
  4. Al Gore sucks, what the hell did he do for the world? what a [wagon]
  5. yes, tip.it has a quide and lost city isnt that hard. :uhh:
  6. thats pretty cool i think i was there when that happened :o That was what? 6 months ago? I don't see the big deal about it..... I'm pretty sure they're talking about the recruit a mod thing..
  7. I could really use a cool sig and or avy, I could care less what its about sorry for not being so specific, but I dont really know much about this sort of stuff. I guess thats why I'm asking right now :?
  8. yeah, randoms are almost random after all, it is a program. :P
  9. to above, I think it has been fixed I haven't gotten it all day.. :?
  10. sorry cant help but, this is in the wrong forum i reported so a mod will move it shortly 8-)
  11. browsed a bit and made a couple posts in general p2p ahh i miss general p2p :cry:
  12. ok, lets say it has a wait time of like 30 minutes and takes 30 laws and 100 bloods... hmm that sounds fair oh yes and requires 87 magic.. wait, no the whole idea is just stupid..
  13. I generally don't accept large gifts :) because I feel they could use it more than I could. I play for fun not for who has the best levels or the most gp 8-) [/code]
  14. [hide=viewer discretion is advised]Edit:oops, double post :oops: dumb debug thing.. :x [/hide]
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