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  1. Hah! Met you in edge bank and you *forced* me to look at this. Nice bank, like I said in game, need to dose your pots (newb), and I still have more glories than you :P 9/10 because you don't have teh arma legs :(
  2. Well, as some of you may know, I've been working on 99 herblore for some considerable time now... And after an estimated cost of 130-140m, I'm finally there! Since this is me, it will be, of course, no ordinary level up party, oh no. It will be an open party, but this is posted in the clans and groups where the majority of my friends live :P If you want to win prizes for any of the competition events, remember to bring some junk to trade in exchange! What: 99 Herblore, untrimmed skill cape. Where: Starting at my house, w99 Yanille (but moving around an inordinate amount) Clanchat: Sodbforum (a must to be in this clanchat for some of the events) When: 10th August, 2PM BST (that's the time in England ;)), 1PM GMT, 10AM EST, 7AM PST. If you really want to know what's going to happen at my party, here's a little taster... The Famous Queeny Quiz (as a warm-up), Find Queeny competition, Cape-Related Tomfoolery, and naturally a Mass Dag Kings trip! Don't miss it, hope to see you there! Queeny
  3. Great guide :D I used to tend to go for large sections at once, and then burnout, I think that is about the biggest risk there is in terms of giving up on goals altogether.
  4. Well, as many of my friends know, as of the 5th of June, I left the world of runescape, to embark upon my own journey deep into the realms of reality. But hark, I have returned! :) So, I ask of you, a favour: What have I missed? Not so much the runescape updates, I can get them from the main page. I'm talking about the lovely tif things, the smaller things. What has been going on lately? Of course, it would also be nice to hear from any friends that are still lurking in the shadows, just to know you're alive and well :) P.S. Don't hesitate, oh kind and benevolent mods, to move this if I've stuck it in the wrong place. It seemed pretty general!
  5. I rate you 1337! Still female? Goooood. Nice bank, work on the cash... Or alternatively, buy my maples ;) ;)
  6. Are you terrified of death? Well, yes. To be quite frank, terrifies the living daylights out of me. Would you be willing to die so that someone else could live? Yes, if it was physical (e.g. someone shooting me instead of someone else). If it was long and drawn out over months of poverty and sickness, then no, I couldn't. I wouldn't be able to tolerate the thought of someone else dying for my life. I'd prefer it to stop with me, if someone had to die, I would want it to be me.
  7. 08/03/07- Ohhh, for the love of sleep! I wonder where bloodvelds get the meat to put on their pizzas? Do I really want to know this? Why are they so curiously loveable? Why am I thinking about pizza anyway? Mmm, food. Ugh, not had much time for runescape AT ALL! So many rehersals (I'm a lead in a production and it's hard as hell, learning words, and music, and dances!) and all my other standard coursework! I swear, my tutors are sadists. Anywhoo, popped on to get a bit of a break, chatted to some friends at the abyssals and then went off to complete a slayer assignment (Wooot, bloodvelds) and realise I'm now under 1k from 65 slayer Fell asleep at my desk, so now I'm going to move to the bed and collapse there. Still singing the musical scores, dear god, what state is my voice going to be in next week for performance! you all, night. Wish me luck tomorrow, all day rehersals. Queen out.
  8. Roffle Lord. I take back that huggle I gave you this morning!
  9. The ole apmonster demonstrates his blindness yet again! *hugs* Love you really :P
  10. I was commanded to post, so, deep breath: Omgvaleriegoodluckwooscarygoodlevelslovetheslayergovalerie!!! Ouch. Hehe, gluck gluck!
  11. Wooo! Lee had a birfday :o Post on my bloggy plawks, it's one above yours! And we have to dk together! Have to!
  12. Mil, I accidentally copy-pasted that message onto an IRC page... Now everyone wants meh money *tear* Wow, over two pages ALREADY!
  13. Bubbles! It was an accident! Nooooot the cheer! Hehe, thanks metal. and Noes, you're the luck bringer! Thanks Jesse!
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