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  1. I still talk to king sabre sometimes, he quit runescape a long time ago but still talks to the sabres a fair bit, Ice Sabre disapeared about a year ago, he was leading the sabres again at the time.
  2. While Im only 19 I know several older players, most of them are parents of players and from what I have seen they are better players, more polite and helpful than most, Ive also met someone online whos 7, when I was 7 i couldnt even turn a computor on 0o
  3. someone was recently sent a warning by jagex for "trade luring" while it isnt scamming it is every bit as bad as far as im concerned and forms of this have been going on since i was a newb (almost 3 years ago)
  4. Their macro detection program is flawed, my mate both rs and rl was perm banned for macroing, hes never been warned, and for the last month hes been doing treasure trails and quests, what one of those suggests macroing?
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